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Harvey Zimmerman (search for this): chapter 97
wn to be Wounded and Prisoners-- First Sergt. Jesse Holton; privates William Gilmore, Warren R. King, David Kline, John Rowman, (Eighth Corporal,) Harvey J. Wolf, Paris Larimore, William Moore, Ozias Barker, Jonathan Shepard, Thomas Goudy, Henry Low. Prisoners on Parole--Captain William Kerr; First Sergt. Jos. Senior.; Fourth Sergeant Gilbert Holman; Fifth Sergt. Enoch Abrams; privates Adam Ralls, Moses Billingsly, John H. Clifton, John C. Corbin, William Corbin, (Second Corporal,) Harvey Zimmerman, (Third Corporal,) Julius C. Burgoyne, (Fifth Corporal,) Charles Lair, (Sixth Corporal,) Henry Conaway, (Seventh Corporal,) George W. Murphy, Joseph Hoever, Rolan Clark, William Light, William McCoy, Thomas Cully, Elmore Davis, William J. Miller, William Woodberry, William Boggs, John Vansickle, Joseph Servings, George W. Turner, Ira Hudson, Alonzo Allison, William Pettigrew, Alex. S. Kerr, Franklin Priest, Isaac Summers, Ben. F. Clifton, Calvin Rail, William Halsted, William Stewart, (
extensive forest, and knew that General Schurz was hotly engaged. I sent two of my regiments (the Eighty-second Ohio, Col. Cantwell, and the Fifth Virginia, Col. Zeigler) to Gen. Schurz's assistance. They were to attack the enemy's right bank. I held my other two regiments in reserve for a time. The two regiments sent to Schs, I observed that my two regiments engaged were being driven back out of the woods by the terrible fire of the rebels. I then saw the brave Cols. Cantwell and Zeigler struggling to rally their broken regiments on the rear of the forest, out of which they had been driven, and sent two of my aids to assist them and assure them ofg through which we have passed, is that they have patiently, cheerfully, bravely and nobly performed their duty. Colonels Cantwell of the Eighty-second Ohio, and Zeigler of the Fifth Virginia, deserve particular mention for their coolness and bravery in the long and desperate fight with the rebels at the railroad on the twenty-nin
David Zeck (search for this): chapter 97
t present. Respectfully your obedient servant, Harman J. Korff, Lieut.-Colonel U. S. Volunteers, Commanding Sixty-ninth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry. List of officers and men of company A, Sixty-ninth regiment Indiana volunteers, taken prisoners by Kirby Smith, August thirtieth, 1862, at Richmond, Ky.: Capt. John H. Finley, First Lieut. M. M. Lacy, Second Lieut. George C. Garretson, First Sergt. Jos. Messick, Israel Lamm, Charles Keys, Solomon Bates, Thomas Ennis, Corporal David Zeck, Wm. H. Thomas, Thomas Batliff, Corp. Samuel Little, Owen Phillips, John Riprogle, Musician Upton Talhelm, Jacob Schulz, Corporal Joseph Dorep, Henry B. Smith, Alnut A. Frulghum, Corporal George Dunlap, Lafayette Larsh, Rufus Newman, John C. Kitselman, Cornelius Downs, John W. Voss, Frank Mackey, Joseph Holliday, Charles Cockayne, Henry Thilker, John Hall, Sergeant Chas. M. Scarce, Louis Shofer, Daniel Bennett, Lewis Craig, Robert Shemely, George Hort, John Seaman, Jas. Green, Chas. W
Ira M. Young (search for this): chapter 97
J. Lynde, both legs. Missing: Capt. H. S. Russell, prisoner; privates, J. A. Holyoke, J. Lehane, H. O'Donnell, J. Wortherwell. Company I--Killed: Sergt. George H. Willis. Wounded: Sergt. George A. Glidden, arm, not serious; Corp. H. Pierson, head, severe; privates, J. W. Barrows, leg, slightly; J. D. Carter, back, slightly; J. F. Edmunds, head, slightly; E. D. Farr, leg; John Mathews, hand, not serious; L. B. Sylvester, arm and breast, serious; Francis Wilson, face and neck, serious; Ira M. Young, slightly; Michael McCarthy. Missing: David B. Brown, Patrick Quinn. Company K--Killed: Capt. R. C. Goodwin; privates T. Daly, B. F. Montague, J. R. Roberts, Thomas Watson. Wounded: Sergt. W. Log<*>n, flesh, both legs; Corp. G. W.. Fenner, bayonet wound in leg; Corp. J. McCarthy, left foot broken; privates, M. McMullen, leg; Peter Carter, fingers broken; J. Nevel, do.; M. S. Ditson, calf of right leg; M. Backus, fingers broken; W. T. Humboldt, flesh-wounds in head and leg; G. Bortchy
George W. Young (search for this): chapter 97
g; Martin Benziger, wounded in thigh and missing. Company B--Capt. J. A. Remly, wounded in ankle; Sergeant J. Lyons, wounded in left side; Corporal Thomas Hays, killed; Sergeant George Haig, wounded in hand; privates, D. Custard, missing and supposed to be killed; James Davis, wounded in side; George Kays, wounded in leg and foot; Charles Meyers, wounded severely in leg; John Gray, wounded in chin; Thomas Watson, wounded in leg; W. Mothersill, wounded in leg. Company C--Killed: Corporal Geo. W. Young, private W. H. Arbor. Wounded: Sergeant Chas. Friedeborn, in breast; Corporal Charles Fairfax, in thigh; private Geo. W. Gaugh, in side; James A. Morrow, in leg; John T. Coverdale, in side, severely. Company D--Killed: Private Frederick Shoemaker. Wounded: First Lieut. Robert Kirkup, in arm, severely; Sergeant James Clark, in leg, slight; Sergeant John B. McElhaney, in thigh; Sergeant C. Dillon, in leg; Corporal T. Hettle, in hand; Corporal George Granger, in leg; private John B
Eighth Louisiana; Colonel Penn, Captains Frank Clark and O'Connor, and Lieutenants Smith, Orr and Martin, of the Sixth Louisiana; Captains Herrin, Morgan and Harper, and Lieutenants Knox, Tarpey, Flower, Talbot, and Wells, of the Seventh Louisiana; Major Menger, Captain Hart and Lieut. Patterson, of the Fifth Louisiana; Colonel Hately, Lieutenant-Colonel T. B. Lamar, Sergeant-Major Anderson, of the Fifth Florida; Captain Gregory, and privates Hagin, Henry, Bryant, Parker, Strickland, Bateman, Yon, Barnett, Dillard and Martin, of company H, of the same regiment; S. B. Barnwell, Color-Sergeant of Oglethope light infantry, Fifth Georgia, about knee, and leg amputated; Captains Caracker and Carey, and Lieutenants Macon, Guy and Hubert, of Fourth Georgia; Major Randolph Whitehead, of Forty-eighth Georgia; Captain Charles Whitehead, of General Wright's staff; Major Harris, of Twentieth Georgia; and Colonel William Smith, (late Governor, and known as Extra Billy Smith,) of Virginia, badly.
Ward. Escaped — Sergts. C. W. Smith and Edward W. Yaryan; Corporals Wallace Stanton and Cyrus D. Cross; privates Wm. Brown, Thos. C. Brown, Caspar C. Christ, Martin Egan, John Egan, Enoch Heavenridge, James S. Haynes, Watson Jones, Martin John, Jas. John, Geo. H. Moffitt, Charles Messer, Peter Morely, Asa Maloy, James Perkins, George Pierce, William Porter, James L. Bigger, Webster Snowden, John T. Schiff, John R. Sumter, Henry G. Van Rensellaer, George F. Ward, John W. Winchell, John H. Yaryan. Summary — Killed, one; supposed killed, one; wounded, eleven; missing, eleven; paroled prisoners, twenty-eight; escaped, twenty-nine; wounded and paroled, three; wounded and escaped, one; wounded and missing, one. To Laz Noble, Adjutant-General of Indiana: The undersigned would respectfully report the condition of company H, Capt. Kerr, Sixty-ninth Indiana volunteer infantry, as follows: Known to be Killed-- Third Sergt. James W. Munsum; privates David Lyons and Jas. Hurst. K
Edward W. Yaryan (search for this): chapter 97
orals Wm. C. Morrison, John Cates, Benj. R. Hinchman, Robert Dare, Aloys Gyer; wagoner Benjamin F. Hughes; privates Charles H. Alvey, Samuel B. Bond, Peter R. Brown, Barnett Bright, John Barker, Wm. Clark, Elpathan K. Corey, Jacob B. Ferris, Benj. F. Herbert, John K. Harris, Samuel J. Hamrick, Wm. H. Johnson, Griffith C. Pentecost, John H. Rose, George F. Sample, Elzy Swain, Wm. S. Smith, Henry B. Trout, Jacob Van Vatter, Henry Williams, Abner Ward. Escaped — Sergts. C. W. Smith and Edward W. Yaryan; Corporals Wallace Stanton and Cyrus D. Cross; privates Wm. Brown, Thos. C. Brown, Caspar C. Christ, Martin Egan, John Egan, Enoch Heavenridge, James S. Haynes, Watson Jones, Martin John, Jas. John, Geo. H. Moffitt, Charles Messer, Peter Morely, Asa Maloy, James Perkins, George Pierce, William Porter, James L. Bigger, Webster Snowden, John T. Schiff, John R. Sumter, Henry G. Van Rensellaer, George F. Ward, John W. Winchell, John H. Yaryan. Summary — Killed, one; supposed killed, one;
ptain J. M. Stuart, company A, who, after the first engagement, acted as one of my field-officers. Among the officers who were in the several engagements, and who displayed great personal courage, I desire to mention Captains Thomas, Darety, and Wylie; Lieutenants Peters, Thrapp, Strayer and Geomans. Lieutenant A. G. Tuther, Adjutant, although captured early in the day, displayed great gallantry, and rendered valuable assistance during the time he was engaged. Captain Taylor's company at thd slowly yield before a line of fire that was terrific. In your absence I took command, and was joined by the following-named officers, who had not withdrawn from the field: Captains Cowgill, Warnock, Hansan, Allis and Tate, and I believe, Captain Wylie, Captain Taylor being on picket-duty; these constituted all the Captains from Franklin county, with the exception of Captain Stewart, who is mentioned in your report as having ably seconded you in the capacity of Aid on the retreat. In addit
Andrew Wurfas (search for this): chapter 97
rs, hip. Company H--First Lieut. W. H. Neely, in side; Second Lieut. James M. Jackaway, do.; Sergeant M. Ward, in leg; H. Dreutler, killed; M. Pennefether, do.; Aleck Weykill, in abdomen; Thomas Manning, in leg; John Tigue, wounded and missing; Martin Hughes, in leg; Frederick Wernsing, in ankle; John McGroverny, in shin; Robert Busscimeyer, in leg, severe; W. Washman, in abdomen; John Madden, in leg. Company I--Lieut. W. A. Thomas, wounded in arm; Sergeant George Kent, killed; private Andrew Wurfas, killed; Sergeant Joseph Christy, wounded in thigh; privates, W. B. Anderson, in shoulder; John Butler, in hand; M. Ackley, do.; A. Day, missing. Company K--Lieut. Morgan Shaw, wounded in collar-bone, slightly; Sergeant J. P. Kelley, killed; Corporal T. J. Collins, wounded in side and leg. Privates, W. L. Givens, killed; E. L. Quinton, wounded and missing; J. S. Crain, wounded in thigh; Jerry Calden, wounded in neck; Louis Cupp, wounded in arm; Charles McKenzie, wounded in shoulde
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