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Kansas (Kansas, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
theasterly, came into the province of Quivira (Kansas), reaching, as he said, the fortieth degree ofson, moved in a southwesterly direction across Kansas for about 230 miles to the nearest village of 's rifles to a Connecticut party emigrating to Kansas......March 28, 1856 Topeka constitution preMissouri......Sept. 17, 1856 Publication of Kansas: its Interior and exterior life, by Mrs. Sara . Phillips publishes his book, The conquest of Kansas by Missouri and her allies......1856 The Un resignation to take effect March 20th, leaves Kansas secretly......March 10, 1857 Free-State conon, secretary, who precedes Governor Walker to Kansas, announces the policy of the new administratiohoppers cause great destitution in portions of Kansas......July-August, 1874 One thousand five hu Population 1,268,562......March 1, 1885 Kansas national guard fully organized under militia l signed......Feb. 17, 1893 Supreme Court of Kansas decides that the Republican House was the lega[64 more...]
Pala (New Mexico, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
Osages in Missouri and the Pawnees in the Indian Territory.] Spaniards from Santa Fe, seeking to found a colony on the Missouri, are destroyed by the Missouri Indiort Leavenworth, only one settler, a Spanish priest, escaping and returning to Santa Fe......1720 M. de Bourgmont, commandant at Fort Orleans, Mo., undertakes a coed under act of Congress, surveys a wagon-road from Missouri through Kansas to Santa Fe......1825 By treaty with Osage Indians the tribe locate on a tract of 7,564ansas......Jan. 14, 1846 Gen. S. W. Kearny marches from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe......1846 Mormon battalion leaves Fort Leavenworth in the employ of the Uniters St. Joe and Topeka Railroad Company, afterwards the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company......Feb. 20, 1857 Emporia founded......February, 1857 s of land in Marion, Harvey, and Reno counties, from the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad Company......Oct. 14, 1874 Eighty barrels of salt made at Alma, Ka
Lewis county (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
, discovers the Kentucky River (which he calls the Louisa), the Big Sandy, and others......1747 Christopher Gist, exploring for the Ohio Land Company, reaches the Shawnee town, on both sides of the Ohio, just below the mouth of Scioto Creek......Jan. 29, 1751 James McBride, with others in a canoe, passes down the Ohio to the mouth of the Kentucky River......1754 Capt. Harry Gordon, chief engineer in the western department in North America, encamps opposite to the Great Lick in Lewis county, Ky......July 16, 1766 John Findlay and a few wandering white men from North Carolina visit Kentucky......1767 By treaty at Fort Stanwix, now Rome, N. Y., the Six Nations and the Delawares, Shawnees, and Mingoes, of Ohio, grant to the King of England territory south of the Ohio River, including most of Kentucky......Nov. 5, 1768 Daniel Boone reaches the Red River with five hunters from North Carolina......June 7, 1769 Out of forty hunters from southwest Virginia, nine under Col.
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
March 24; in the House by Daniel Mace, of Indiana......April 7, 1856 Congressional investigating committee reaches Lawrence......April 18, 1856 Sheriff Jones attempts to arrest S. N. Wood in Lawrence, charged with aiding in the rescue of Branson in November previous, but is prevented, shot at, and wounded. Colonel Sumner, United States army, arrives at Lawrence with his command......April 19-25, 1856 Major Buford, of Alabama, arrives at Westport, Mo., with a large body of men from Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina......April 29, 1856 Grand jury of Douglas county indict Robinson, Reeder, and others for high treason in organizing a free-State government......May 5, 1856 Governor Robinson arrested at Lexington, Mo., while on the way east with his wife, who continued on her way with the papers containing the testimony gathered by the Congressional investigating committee in Kansas. (He was taken to Lecompton, held for four months, and released on bail)......May 10, 18
Martin (Alabama, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
es, and many settlers lost their land......1779 Governor of Virginia appoints William Fleming, Edmund Lyne, James Barbour, and Stephen Trigg commissioners for Kentucky. At their first court at St. Asaph's, the first claim considered was that of Isaac Shelby's to settlement and pre-emption for raising a crop of corn in the county in 1176 ......Oct. 13, 1779 In retaliation for Colonel Clarke's successes in Illinois, Colonel Byrd, of the British army, is sent against Ruddle's and Martin's stations in Kentucky, captures them, and retreats with plunder and prisoners to Detroit......June 22, 1780 County of Kentucky divided into Jefferson, Fayette, and Lincoln counties......Nov. 1, 1780 Fort Jefferson, built on the Mississippi River, 5 miles below the mouth of the Ohio. Besieged by Chickasaw Indians, reinforced by General Clarke from Kaskaskia, and soon after abandoned as too remote to hold......1780 Captain Estill, in pursuit of Indians who had invested Estill's station,
Cherokee, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
ry, 1866 State university opened for instruction, Lawrence......Sept. 12, 1866 Northern Kansas overrun with grasshoppers, which breed in spring of 1867......September, 1866 Treaty made with many Indian tribes for removal to Indian territory......Feb. 23, 1867 Generals Hancock and Custer march against Indians in western Kansas......April 30, 1867 Eighteenth Kansas Cavalry, raised for the protection of the frontier, mustered into the United States service......July 15, 1867 Cherokee neutral lands sold to James F. Joy......Oct. 9, 1867 Heavy Texas cattle trade at Abilene......October, 1867 Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mrs. C. I. H. Nichols, and George Francis Train, with the Hutchinson family of singers, advocate woman suffrage......1867 Vote upon amending constitution: For striking out the word white, 10,483; for striking out male, 9,070; against, 19,857......Nov. 5, 1867 Indian raids in Solomon Valley and along the Republican and S
Vermont (Vermont, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
...Jan. 14, 1842 George M. Bibb, of Louisville, Secretary of the United States Treasury......June 15, 1844 Raw silk produced in Somerset, 1842, and a manufactory established at Newport and silk spun and woven......October, 1844 Henry Clay candidate for the Presidency......1844 Miss Delia A. Webster, for abducting slaves to Ohio, is sentenced to two years in penitentiary, Dec. 23, 1844. By petition of jury and others she is pardoned by Governor Owsley, and leaves for her home in Vermont......Feb. 25, 1845 Governor Bartley, of Ohio, refuses a requisition from Governor Owsley for one Kissam, charged with kidnapping slaves......March 14, 1845 Governor Whitcomb, of Indiana, issues a warrant to an officer from Kentucky for the arrest of a free mulatto on charge of stealing several slaves from Harrodsburg......April 25, 1845 Methodist Episcopal Church, South, organized, Louisville......May, 1845 Office of the True American, published at Lexington by Cassius M. Clay,
uri into the Union provides that in all Louisiana, north of lat. 36° 30′, and not included in the State, slavery shall be and is hereby forever prohibited, but runaway slaves may be lawfully reclaimed. Act passed......March 6, 1820 Major Sibley, appointed under act of Congress, surveys a wagon-road from Missouri through Kansas to Santa Fe......1825 By treaty with Osage Indians the tribe locate on a tract of 7,564,000 acres in south Kansas, watered by the Arkansas, Verdigris, and Neosho rivers......Dec. 30, 1825 Fort Leavenworth, called a cantonment until 1832, established and United States troops stationed there......1827 Treaty with the Delaware Indians, locates them in the fork of the Kansas and Missouri rivers......Sept. 24, 1829 Baptist Shawnee mission (Rev. Johnston Lykins and wife, resident missionaries) established 4 miles west of the Missouri line under Rev. Isaac McCoy; also appointed agent by the government for colonizing the eastern Indians within the Ter
Covington (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
of the commissioners......Aug. 6, 1814 Two thousand five hundred Kentucky militia under Maj.-Gen. John Thomas reach New Orleans......Jan. 4, 1815 Town of Covington chartered by legislature......Feb. 7, 1815 Lexington and Maysville and Lexington and Louisville Turnpike Road Companies chartered......Feb. 4, 1817 Corner-ucky Common School Society organized at Frankfort......Jan. 28, 1834 Lieut.-Gov. James T. Morehead succeeds Governor Breathitt, who dies......Feb. 21, 1834 Covington incorporated as a city......Feb. 24, 1834 Amos Kendall, of Frankfort, Postmaster-General of United States......1835 Richard M. Johnson, of Kentucky, electe, near Lexington, purchased for the new Agricultural College of Kentucky......Jan. 15, 1866 Jesse Root Grant, father of General Grant, appointed postmaster at Covington......Feb. 25, 1866 Skaag's men, a band of over 100 armed and mounted outlaws, terrorize the colored population of Marion county......1866 Legislature rejec
Nicholasville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-kansas
gerously ill at his home in Elizabethtown, Sept. 3; dies......Sept. 8, 1867 Lieut.-Gov. John W. Stevenson succeeds......Sept. 8, 1867 Governor Stevenson authorizes three companies of volunteers against a band of regulators and lynchers in Marion, Boyle, and adjoining counties......Oct. 11, 1867 John W. Stevenson elected governor......Aug. 3, 1868 Legislature rejects the Fifteenth Amendment to Constitution......March 13, 1869 A band of so-called Ku-klux attack Frank Bowen near Nicholasville, who in self-defence kills one......March 16, 1869 Seven hundred colored delegates hold a State educational convention near Louisville......July 14, 1869 Great commercial convention at Louisville, ex-President Millard Fillmore presides; 520 delegates from twenty-nine States......Oct. 13, 1869 Affray at Somerset, Pulaski county, from the whipping of one Cooper by regulators; forty men engaged; three killed......Nov. 20, 1869 Legislature establishes an insurance bureau......M
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