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Frederick (Maryland, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
efuge in New York. The Assembly, prorogued from 1763, meets and protests against the Stamp Act, and appoints Col. Edward Tilghman, William Murdock, and Thomas Ringgold delegates to the congress of deputies from all the colonies......1765 Frederick county court deciding the Stamp Act unconstitutional, a popular demonstration takes place, the Sons of liberty carry through the streets a coffin inscribed, The Stamp Act expired of a mortal stab received from the Genius of Liberty in Frederick cFrederick county court, Nov. 23, 1765, aged 22 days ......Nov. 30, 1765 Public officers in Annapolis, urged by the people, treat the Stamp Act as a nullity......April 3, 1766 People of Maryland enter into articles for non-importation of British superfluities and for the promotion of American manufactures......June 20, 1769 British bark Good Intent, arriving at Annapolis, a meeting of the Associators is held, and it is resolved that the cargo of English goods should not be landed......1770 Assem
Charleston (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
of the American party, Fillmore and Donelson, for President and Vice-President......Sept. 17, 1856 George Peabody gives $300,000 to found Peabody Institute......Feb. 12, 1857 Strike of the conductors and train men on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, militia called out; amicably settled......April 29, 1857 Constitutional Union Convention at Baltimore nominates John Bell, of Tennessee, for President......May 9, 1860 Democratic National Convention meets by adjournment (from Charleston, S. C.) in Baltimore, June 18, 1860. On the 23d a large number of delegates withdraw, and the remaining delegates nominate Stephen A. Douglas for President. The seceders nominate John C. Breckinridge, of Kentucky......June 23, 1860 Philip Francis Thomas, of Maryland, appointed Secretary of the Treasury......Dec. 12, 1860 A. H. Handy, commissioner from Mississippi, addresses a meeting in Baltimore on the subject of secession......Dec. 19, 1860 Secession flag raised and saluted with
Patuxent (Maryland, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
nown ......June 28, 1652 Treaty with the Susquehannock Indians at the river of Severn, ceding their lands from the Patuxent River to Palmer's Island on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay, and from Choptank River to the northeast branch, northwardgoverning the affairs of Maryland......July 22, 1654 Captain Fuller and the other commissioners call an assembly at Patuxent, it passes an act of recognition ......Oct. 26, 1654 Acts of the Assembly; one concerning religion, declaring that nouty governor in the absence of Governor Fendall, who embarks for England......June 18, 1657 Puritan assembly meets at Patuxent......Sept. 24, 1657 Report of the commissioners for trade made Sept. 16, 1656, being favorable to the rights of Lord imical to Lord Baltimore, is removed, and succeeded by Philip Calvert, who is sworn in at the provincial council held at Patuxent......December, 1660 Charles Calvert, eldest son of the lord proprietary, appointed governor......1661-62 At the re
St. Marys county (Maryland, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
Popish religion can be protected in the province by the laws of England. . .nor by the government of the commonwealth of England, etc., but to be restrained from the exercise thereof. One making void the declaration of Governor Stone requiring the people to acknowledge Lord Baltimore as absolute lord of the province......October, 1654 Governor Stone, hearing from England that Lord Baltimore still retained his patent, reassumes the government and organizes a military force in county of St. Mary's under Josias Fendall, who seizes the provincial records, which had been deposited in the house of Mr. Richard Preston, on the Patuxent, during the revolution in July, 1654, and also arms and ammunition which had been stored in the house......January, 1655 With 200 men and twelve vessels, Governor Stone proceeds by land and water against the Puritans of Anne Arundel......March 20, 1655 People of Providence having prepared for an invasion, a battle ensues between the Puritans and the M
Palmer's Island (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
proprietor. They reject them and frame others, which when sent to England Lord Baltimore rejects. Assembly meets......Jan. 25, 1638 By reference from the King and proclamation in Virginia, the claim of Claiborne to the Isle of Kent and Palmer's Island is rejected in favor of Lord Baltimore......April 4, 1638 Lord Baltimore finally gives assent to the right of the Assembly to originate laws......August, 1638 Assembly meets at St. Mary's and enacts laws for the government of the provine is reinstated as governor of Maryland, which he assumes until the pleasure of the state of England be known ......June 28, 1652 Treaty with the Susquehannock Indians at the river of Severn, ceding their lands from the Patuxent River to Palmer's Island on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay, and from Choptank River to the northeast branch, northward of Elke River, on the eastern side of the bay......July 5, 1652 Lord Baltimore issues instructions to Governor Stone for strictly enforcing
Battle Creek (Maryland, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
ting Charles Calvert, fifth Lord Baltimore, and infant heir of Benedict Leonard Calvert......1715 By resolution the lower House of Assembly declare that the people of Maryland are entitled to all the rights and immunities of free Englishmen, and are of necessity inheritors of the common law of England ......1722 Act passed for the encouragement of learning, and erecting schools in the several counties of the province, under which law a public free school was established at Battle Creek, Calvert county......1723 A complete collection of the laws of Maryland, printed at Annapolis by William Parks......1727 First newspaper printed in Maryland, the Maryland gazette, published at Annapolis by William Parks......1727 Baltimore laid out on lands belonging to Charles Carroll, by commissioners appointed by the legislature......1730 Agreement entered into that the boundary between Maryland and Delaware should be that fixed by the decree of 1685, and that between Maryland and
Sassafras River (United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
ng the famous Mason and Dixon line, marking its division from Pennsylvania. In longitude it is limited by 75° 2′ to 79° 30′ W. Area, 12,210 square miles, in twenty-four counties. Population, 1890, 1,042,390; 1900, 1,188,044. Capital, Annapolis. Maryland is included in the grant of King James of England to the South Virginia colony......April 10, 1606 Capt. John Smith leaves Jamestown to explore the Chesapeake Bay, and discovers the mouths of the Susquehanna, Northeast, Elk, and Sassafras rivers at its head......July-August, 1608 Maryland included in the second charter to Virginia, which covered land from Point Comfort along the coast north for 200 miles, and south the same distance, and from sea to sea (Atlantic to the Pacific)......May 23, 1609 Royal license given to William Claiborne, one of the council and secretary of state of the colony in Virginia, by King Charles to trade in all seas and lands in those parts of the English possessions in America for which there i<
eat expedition against the Spanish dominions......1740 Treaty concluded with the Six Nations by Governor Bladen in conjunction with the representatives of Virginia and Pennsylvania, at Lancaster, Pa., whereby, in consideration of the payment of £ 300, the Indians agree to relinquish all claims to territory within the boundary of Maryland......1744 Town of Frederick laid out by Patrick Dulany......September, 1745 Assembly votes £ 4,500 to raise a body of men for an expedition against Canada, June 26, and an additional appropriation of £ 1,100......November, 1746 Nanticoke Indians emigrate from Maryland to Wyoming, carrying the bones of their dead with them......May, 1748 Frederick Calvert becomes sixth Lord Baltimore by the death of Charles Calvert......April 24, 1751 Lord Baltimore directs Governor Sharpe to investigate as to which branch of the Potomac is the source, Virginia claiming the north branch and Maryland the south......1753 Maryland frontier being subje
Derne (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
United States such district 10 miles square Congress may select for the United States capital; the District of Columbia selected......1790 Thomas Johnson, of Maryland, appointed associate justice of Supreme Court......Aug. 5, 1791 Act extending the right of suffrage and substituting the ballot for viva voce voting passed......Dec. 28, 1801 Legislature presents a sword and belt to George Washington Mann, of Maryland, one of two soldiers who planted the American flag on the walls of Derne, Tripoli......April 27, 1805 Several associations formed in Baltimore to encourage home manufacture and sale of domestic goods during the embargo against British vessels......1808 First number of Niles's register issued in Baltimore by Hezekiah Niles......Sept. 7, 1811 Gabriel Duval, of Maryland, appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States......Nov. 18, 1811 Printing-office of the Federal Republican, an anti-war paper in Baltimore, destroyed by a mob Jun
Long Island City (New York, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america-maryland
burns his vessel......Oct. 14, 1774 George Washington, present in Congress as a member from Virginia, is nominated by Thomas Johnson, of Maryland, to be commander-in-chief of the American forces, and unanimously chosen......June 15, 1775 Convention of Maryland assembles and adopts the famous Association of the freemen of Maryland, which becomes the written constitution of Maryland for a year......July 26, 1775 Maryland line, under Col. William Smallwood, engage in the battles of Long Island, Harlem Heights, White Plains, the storming of Fort Washington, battles of Trenton and Princeton; they begin the year 1,444 strong, and are reduced to a mere handful at the close......1776 Batteries erected near Baltimore and Annapolis, and public records removed to Upper Marlboro for safety in preparation for an attack by the British under Lord Dunsmore......1776 James Wilkinson repairs to the camp before Boston as a volunteer from Maryland......1776 Convention assembles and una
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