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July 5th, 1863 AD (search for this): chapter 5
French at Frederick City the following order: July 5, 1863, 7 A. M. Maj. Gen. French, The enemy appear Hagerstown should be drawn up, but not issued: July 5, 1863. Circular. The following movements of troAdjt. General. Addenda to order of March of July 5TH, 1863. The Artillery Reserve will accompany the 2at was retreating along the Chambersburg Road. July 5, 1863, 12.30 P. M. General Sedgwick, All the infor sent the following report to General Halleck: July 5, 1863. Major General Halleck, The enemy retired unnemy making a stand in force in the mountains: July 5, 1863. Circular. The movement of troops orderedhereupon, are suspended until further orders. July 5, 1863. Circular. Headquarters will be to-night place as last night, instead of Cregerstown. July 5, 1863. Circular. General Headquarters will moveadquarters army of the Potomac, Gettysburg, Pa., July 5, 1863. I hardly know when I last wrote to you, so
June 24th (search for this): chapter 5
state that there was evidently some misunderstanding of intention between Generals Lee and Stuart as to the projected movements of the latter when detached from the Confederate army. One thing only in this connection is certain: that from the 24th of June to the 2d of July General Lee was without the services of the main body of his cavalry, under General Stuart, upon which he had counted for information of the enemy's movements. In what manner the cavalry of General Stuart had been engagedhe 24th to the 30th of June must now form the subject of a necessary digression, in order to afford the reader a clear comprehension of the way in which all the forces on both sides eventually reached the field of Gettysburg. On the night of June 24th General Stuart, who had since the affairs at Aldie and Upperville been watching Ashby's and Snicker's Gaps, in the Blue Ridge, secretly rendezvoused three brigades of cavalry (Hampton's, Fitz Lee's, and W. H. F. Lee's, the latter under command
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