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hat, shortly after the eastern part of Florida had been added to General Beauregard's command, On the 7th of October, 1862. See Chapter XXVII. he had called the attention of the War Department to that obstacle in the way of rapid concentration, in case of urgency, and had recommended that the iron on the Key West Railroad, which was not used at the time, be taken for the purpose of closing up this gap. Nothing was done in the matter, however, owing, it was said, to the opposition of ex-Senator Yulee, of Florida, the President and principal owner of the Key West road. On the 20th the enemy moved forward, in three columns, numbering together about 8000 infantry, with corresponding artillery, and some 1400 cavalry. At 12 M. of that day he was within three miles of General Finegan's position. Our cavalry, supported by the 64th Georgia and two companies of the 32d, was ordered to advance and skirmish with the front line of the enemy, and, if possible, to draw it to our works. Gene
lowed soon after by the 27th Georgia regiment and the 1st Florida battalion. These troops were put in position near the centre of the line, and a little in advance, to hold the enemy in check until the other command could be supplied with cartridges. As soon as this was accomplished I ordered a general advance, at the same time sending instructions to Colonel Harrison to move the 6th and 32d Georgia regiments (arrived) on the right flank of the enemy. The 27th Georgia regiment, under Colonel Zackry, pushing forward with great vigor upon the centre, and the whole line moving as directed, the enemy gave way in confusion. We continued the pursuit for several miles, when night put an end to the conflict. Instructions were given to the cavalry to follow close upon the enemy, and seize every opportunity to strike a favorable blow. The results of the engagement in the killed, wounded, and prisoners of the enemy, and our own loss, will be found in the reports rendered directly to you.
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