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Columbus, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
ed of Colonel Wood's regiment, the 11th and 17th Arkansas regiments consolidated, the 14th Confederate regiment, the 9th Tennessee battalion and King's light battery. 5Alcorn, J. L.       Commanding a brigade of Mississippi State troops at Columbus, Kentucky. 6Alexander, E. PorterGeorgiaLt. Gen. LongstreetMarch 1, 1864.Feb. 26, 1864. May 28, 1864. In command of the artillery attached to the 1st corps (Longstreet's), Army of Northern Virginia. 7Allen, Henry W.LouisianaGen. E. K. SmithAug. 19, th Alabama and the 21st North Carolina regiments, Ewell's division, Jackson's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 432Trudeau, J.      Never mustered into Confederate service; commanded Louisiana State troops; in charge of water batteries, at Columbus, Kentucky. 433Tucker, W. F.Mississippi March 7, 1864.March 1, 1864.May 11, 1864. Brigade composed of the 7th, 9th, 10th, 41st and 44th regiments Mississippi infantry and a battalion of Sharpshooters. 434Tyler, R. C.Tennessee March 5, 1864.
Calvert (Texas, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
Major-General July 8, 1864. 76Cleburne, P. R.ArkansasGen. Van DornMarch 6, 1862.March 4, 1862.March 6, 1862. Promoted Major-General December 13, 1862; brigade composed of the 2d, 5th, 24th and 48th Tennessee and the 15th Arkansas regiments and Calvert's Light Battery, constituting Second brigade, Third corps, Army of the Mississippi. 77Clingman, Thos. L.N. CarolinaGen. T. H. HolmesMay 17, 1862.May 17, 1862.Sept. 30, 1862. Brigade composed of the 8th, 31st, 51st and 61st North Carolina regimeril 8th, 1864; commanding 2d Texas brigade. 340Polk, Lucius E.ArkansasGen. J. E. JohnstonDec. 20, 1862.Dec. 13, 1862.April 22, 1863. Brigade composed of the 3d and 5th Confederate, the 1st Arkansas, the 2d, 48th and 35th Tennessee regiments and Calvert's Light Battery, Cleburne's division, Army of Tennessee. 341Posey, CarnotMississippiGen. LongstreetNov. 1, 1862.Nov. 1, 1862.April 22, 1863. Killed in action; brigade composed of the 12th, 16th, 19th and 48th Mississippi regiments, Anderson's d
West Virginia (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
Gen. E. K. SmithApril 22, 1863.Febr'y, 1863.April 22, 1863. Assigned to the command of the 4th Military District of East Tennessee. 219Jackson, Henry R.GeorgiaAdjt. and Inspt. GenJune 4, 1861.June 4, 1861.Aug. 29, 1861. At first on duty in Western Virginia; resigned December 2, 1861, and subsequently reappointed September 21, 1863; brigade composed of the 1st Confederate, the 66th, 29th, 30th and 25th Georgia regiments and Major Shaaf's battalion; brigade in May, 1862, composed of the 3d Arkan 11th and 17th Virginia regiments, and constituted the 4th brigade, 1st corps, Army of the Potomac. 270Longstreet, JamesAlabamaGen. BeauregardJune 17, 1861.June 17, 1861.Aug. 29, 1861. Promoted Major-General February 15, 1862; in command in Western Virginia. 271Loring, W. W.FloridaArmy of the N. WestMay 20, 1861.May 20, 1861.  Promoted Major-General October 7, 1861, and assigned to command at New Orleans. 272Lovell, MansfieldMaryland   Feb. 17, 1864. Brigade composed of the 32d and 45th Mis
Cherokee, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
Army of Northern Virginia. 87Cooper, Douglas H.MississippiGen. E. K. SmithJune 23, 1863.May 2, 1863.Feb. 17, 1864. Commanding Indian brigade, composed of the 1st Choctaw and Chickasas regiment, 2d Choctaw regiment, Choctaw battalion, 1st and 2d Cherokee and 1st and 2d Creek regiments, Seminole battalion, Osage battalion, and Howell's Texas Light Battery; Subsequently assigned to command of District Indian Territory. 88Cooper, SamuelVirginiaPresident DavisMarch 14, 1861.March 14, 1861.March   Brigade composed of the 3d, 16th, 17th and 19th Texas infantry regiments and the 16th regiment Texas cavalry, dismounted. 452Watie, StandIndian Territ'yGen. E. K. SmithMay 10, 1864.May 6, 1864. May 10, 1864. Brigade composed of the 1st and 2d Cherokee regiments, the 1st and 2d Creek regiments, a Cherokee battalion, a Seminole battalion, an Osage battalion and a battalion composed of Volunteers from the States. 453Waul, T. N.Texas Sept. 19, 1863.Sept. 18, 1863. June 10, 1864.   454Wayne, H
Staunton, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
60th and 61st Georgia regiments, Ewell's division, Jackson's corps, Army of Northern Virginia; at one time in command of Ewell's division. 254Leadbetter, D.AlabamaGen. E. K. SmithMarch 6, 1862.Feb. 27, 1862.March 6, 1862. Commanding in Knoxville, Tennessee, in February, 1862; afterwards in command of a brigade composed of the 20th and 23d Alabama regiments and Colonel Vaughn's Tennessee regiment. 255Lee, Edwin G.VirginiaGen. J. E. JohnstonSept. 23, 1864.Sept. 23, 1864.  In command at Staunton, Virginia; subsequently detailed on secret service of the Confederacy. 256Lee, FitzhughVirginiaGen. R. E. LeeJuly 25, 1862.July 24, 1862.Sept. 30, 1862. Promoted Major-General September 3, 1853; brigade composed of the 1st, 3d, 4th, 5th and 9th Virginia cavalry regiments, Army of Northern Virginia. 257Lee, G. W. C.VirginiaGen. R. E. LeeJune 25, 1863.June 25, 1863.  Commanding brigade of local troops for the defence of Richmond; previously was an aid-de-camp to President Davis, with the rank of<
Charlotte (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
sion, Army of the West. 206Hoke, Robert F.N. CarolinaGen. R. E. LeeApril 23, 1863.Jan. 17, 1863.April 23, 1863. Promoted Major-General April 20, 1864; commanded District of North Carolina; at one time in command of brigade composed of the 6th, 21st, 24th and 57th North Carolina regiments and the 1st North Carolina battalion, Early's division, Longstreet's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 207Hoke, W. I.N. CarolinaGen. B. Bragg    Acting Brigadier-General and in command of post at Charlotte, North Carolina. 208Holmes, Theop. H.N. Carolina June 5, 1861.June 5, 1861.Aug. 29, 1861. Promoted Major-General October 7, 1861; commanding brigade, Army of the Potomac. 209Holtzclaw, J. T.AlabamaGen. J. E. JohnstonJuly 8, 1864.July 7, 1864.  Brigade composed of the 18th, 36th and 38th, and the 32d and 58th (consolidated) Alabama regiments; subsequently the 21st Alabama regiment and Major Williams' battalion (the Pelham Cadets) were added. 210Hood, John B.TexasGen. T. H. HolmesMarch 6, 1862.
Pensacola (Florida, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
serves, and the 1st and 2d Confederate [mixed] regiments, Walker's division. 47Bragg, BraxtonLouisianaCommanding at Pensacola, Fla.March 7, 1861.March 7, 1861. March 7, 1861. Promoted Major-General September 12, 1861; assigned to command at PensacoPensacola, Florida, of the troops there assembled, consisting of the brigades of Colonels Chalmers, Clayton and Gladden, and the troops under Major Bradford. 48Branch, L. O. B.N. CarolinaLt. Gen. A. P. HillNov. 16, 1861.Nov. 16, 1861. Dec. 13, 1861. Killedes R.MississippiGen. A. S. JohnstonFeb. 13, 1862.Feb. 13, 1862. Feb. 13, 1862, and Feb. 17, 1864. First command, at Pensacola, Florida, consisted of the 1st and 2d Mississippi regiments, the Quitman artillery company, the Vicksburg artillery company e Guards. 75Clayton, H. D.AlabamaGen. S. B. BucknerApril 25, 1863.April 22, 1863.April 25, 1863. First command, at Pensacola, Florida, composed of the 1st Alabama and the 1st Georgia regiments, and the 2d Alabama battalion; subsequently his brigade
Chancellorsville (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
Texas     Acting Brigadier-General in command of a brigade composed of the 12th, 19th and 21st Texas cavalry, Major Morgan's battalion of Texas cavalry and Pratt's Battery of Light Artillery. 323Payne, Wm. H.VirginiaGen. R. E. LeeNov. 4, 1864.Nov. 1, 1864.  Brigade composed of 5th, 6th, 8th and 15th regiments Virginia cavalry and the 36th battalion Virginia cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia. 324Paxton, E. F.VirginiaGen. T. J. JacksonNov. 1, 1862.Nov. 1, 1862.April 22, 1863. Killed at Chancellorsville; brigade composed of the 2d, 4th, 5th, 27th and 33d Virginia regiments, Trimble's division, Jackson's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 325Pearce, N. B.Arkansas     Commissioned Brigadier-General May, 1861, by the Secession Convention of Arkansas; command composed of Carrol's cavalry regiment, the 3d and 5th, regiments Arkansas infantry, Woodruff's infantry battalion and Reid's Light Battery. 326Pegram, JohnVirginiaGen. E. K. SmithNov. 10, 1862.Nov. 7, 1862.April 25, 1863. Prom
Jacksboro (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
E. LeeJune 2, 1864.May 31, 1864. June 2, 1864. Brigade composed of the 1st, 2d, 3d, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 15th regiments Louisiana infantry. 478Young, P. M. B.GeorgiaGen. R. E. LeeOct. 10, 1863.Sept. 28, 1863. Feb. 17, 1864. Promoted Major-General December 12, 1864; brigade composed of the Cobb Legion, the Jeff. Davis Legion, Phillip's Legion and the 7th Georgia---all cavalry commands, Army of Northern Virginia; for the 7th Georgia regiment, the 10th Georgia regiment was afterwards substituted; Millen's battalion was subsequently added. 479Young, Wm. H.TexasGen. J. B. HoodAug. 16, 1864.Aug. 15, 1864.   Brigade composed of the 9th Texas infantry, the 10th, 14th and 32d Texas, dismounted, and the 29th and 39th North Carolina infantry regiments. 480Zollicoffer, Felix K.Tennessee July 9, 1861.July 9, 1861. Aug. 29, 1861. Killed at Mill Spring; commanded Camp of Instruction at Trousdale, Tennessee; afterwards assigned to the command of the Department of East Tenne
Fort Donelson (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 13
ilitary District, Department of North Carolina and South Virginia. 24Baldwin, Wm. E.MississippiGen. Van DornOct. 3, 1862.Sept. 19, 1862. Oct. 3, 1862. Died February 19, 1864; commanding brigade, District of Mobile; brigade, at the capture of Fort Donelson, consisted of the 20th and 26th Mississippi and the 26th Mississippi and the 26th Tennessee regiments. 25Barksdale, WilliamMississippiGen. R. E. LeeAug. 12, 1862.Aug. 12, 1862. Sept. 30, 1862. Killed in action at Gettysburg; brigade composedtreet's corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 57Buckner, Simon B.KentuckyGen. A. S. JohnstonSept. 14, 1861.Sept. 14, 1861. Dec. 13, 1861. Promoted Major-General August 16, 1862; commanding division at Bowling Green, Kentucky, and subsequently at Fort Donelson. 58Buford, A.KentuckyGen. J. E. JohnstonNov. 29, 1862.Sept. 2, 1862. April 22, 1863. Assigned to the command of the 2d division of Forrest's cavalry, composed of the brigades of Colonels Thompson and Bell; Lyon's brigade subsequently consti
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