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Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
tArtilleryCol. C. A. FullerAug. 14, 1861.   LouisianaCrescent City RegimentInfantryCol. M. J. SmitchamNov. 7, 1862.  Col. J. G. Seymour   7thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Dav<*>July 20, 1862.  Ct. 16, 1861.Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Z. YorkAug. 15, 1862.Proniel GoberMay 8, 1862.  Col. P. Pond   17thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Robt. RichardsonMay 23, 1862.  Col. S. S. Heard   18thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. L. L. ArmantSept. 26, 1862.  Col. A. Mouton Promoted Brigadier-General. 19thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. W. P. WinansJuly 17, 1862.  ol. M. L. Smith   Col. Edward Higgins   22dLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Charles H. HerrickMay 26eard   23dLouisianaRegimentInfantry    24thLouisianaRegimentInfantry    25thLouisianaRegimentInfentInfantryCol. Henry GrayMay 1, 1862.  29thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Allen ThomasMay 3, 1862.uisianaBattalionZouavesLt. Col. Coppens   2dLouisianaBattalionInfantryMajor Wheat   3dLouisianaBa<
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
mentCavalryCol. H. M. AshbyMay 24, 1862.  3dTennesseeRegimentCavalryCol. A. C. Kellup   4thTennestCavalryCol. Baxter SmithNov. 24, 1862.  9thTennesseeRegimentCavalryCol. J. D. Bennett   10thTennrterMay 8, 1862.  Col. W. H. Stephens   7thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. J. A. FiteMay 8, 1863.  . M. Walker Promoted Brigadier-General. 41stTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Robt. FarquhasonNov. 27,nSept. 30, 1862.  Col. John M. Clark   47thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. M. R. Hill   84thTenneshTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Morgan   58thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Crews   59thTennesseeRnfantryCol. W. L. EakinMarch 19, 1863.  60thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Jno. H. Crawford   61stPromoted Brigadier-General. P. A.       1stTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Turney   2dTennesseeReg. C. Vaughan Promoted Brigadier-General. 1stTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. McNairy   2dTennessnnesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Gantt   10thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. E. S. Smith   11thT
Missouri (Missouri, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
eNov. 4, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 4thMissouriRegimentCavalryCol. J. Q. BurbridgeNov. 13, 18issouriRegimentCavalryCol. B. F. Gordon   6thMissouriRegimentCavalryCol. G. W. Thompson   1stMissoMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. A. C. RileyAug. 9, 1862.  Col. Lucius L. Rich   2dMissouriRegimentInfantryPembroke Senteny   Col. J. V. Burbridge   3dMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. W. R. GanseAug. 6, 1862.  Col. Benj. A. Rives   4thMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. A. McFarlane   5thMissouriRegimentInfantryouriRegimentInfantryCol. Cyrus Franklin   8thMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. Chas. S. MitchellAug. 18,une 28, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 10thMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. A. C. Pickett   11thMissMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. S. C. Hunter   12thMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. J. D. White   13thMissourMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. B. A. Rives   14thMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. S. Jackman   15thMissouriRegiMissouriRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. Jeffers   1stNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. John A. McDowellJuly 8, 1862. 
North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
ed Brigadier-General. Col. C. C. Few   3dNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. W. L. DeRossetJuly 1, Col. Stephen D. PoolSept. 7, 1863.  11thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Collett LeventhorpeOctM. Scales Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. R. T. Bennett   Col. . Roberts Promoted Brigadier-General. 15thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. McRaeFeb. 27, 1863antryCol. H. M. RutlegeMay 21, 1862.  26thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Henry K. BurgwynnAug. ; elected Governor of North Carolina. 27thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. John A. Gilmer, JrDecS. D. Ramseur Promoted Major-General. 50thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Jas. A. WashingtonDec.mNov. 10, 1863.  Col. M. D. Craton   51stNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Hector McKethanJan. 19RangersCol. A. D. MooreAug. 3, 1863.  67thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. John N. WhitfordJan. 1Lt. Col. Jas. L. HenryDec. 25, 1863.  15thNorth CarolinaBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Jas. M. WynnJuly 2[70
Cherokee, Ala. (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
HarperApril 14, 1862.  2dArkansasRegimentCavalryCol. Jas. A. WilliamsonNov. 8, 1862.  Col. B. T. Embry1862.  3dArkansasRegimentCavalryCol. Samuel G. EarlMay 26, 1862.  Col. S. Borland1862.  4thArkansasRegimentCavalryCol. N. F. Shinans   1stCherokeeRegimentMounted RiflesCol. John Drew   2dChoctaw & ChickasawRegimentMounted RiflesCol. D. H. Cooper Promoted Brigadier-General. 1stCherokeeRegimentInfantryCol. Stand. Watie Promoted Brigadier-General. 2dCreekRegimentInfantryCol. D. M. McIntosCherokeeRegimentInfantryCol. Stand. Watie Promoted Brigadier-General. 2dCreekRegimentInfantryCol. D. M. McIntosh   1stArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. J. W. ColquittJuly 11, 1862.  Col. J. F. Fagan1862.Promoted Major-General. 2dArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Daniel C. GovanJan. 28, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 3dArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Van. H. ManningMarch 11, 1862.  4thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Henry G. BunnNov. 4, 1862.  Col. E. McNair1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 5thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. L. FeatherstoneMay 16, 1862.  Col. D. C. Cross1862.  6thArkansasRegimentInfant
Alabama (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
imentCavalryCol. F. W. HunterMay 1, 1861.  3dAlabamaRegimentCavalryCol. James Hagan Promoted BrigaSept. 14, 1861.  Col. R. T. Jones1861.  13thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. B. D. FryJuly 19, 1861.Pr Garrott1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 21stAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. C. D. AndersonMay 8, 1862rch 22, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 31stAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. D. R. HundleyMay 8, 1862.ryCol. J. C. B. MitchellMarch 25, 1862.  35thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Ed. GoodwynNov. 12, 1862.  Col. J. W. Robertson1862.  36thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. L. Y. WoodruffMarch 16, 1863.  Col.e to Confederate Congress at Montgomery. 37thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Jas. F. DowdellMay 13, 18rch 25, 1863.  Col. W. S. Goodwin1862.  46thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Mich'l L. WoodsMay 20, 18InfantryCol. Jeptha EdwardsMay 8, 1862.  50thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. J. C. Coltart   51stAlabSept. 6, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 52dAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. S. D. Hale   53dAlabamaR[5
Beaufort, S. C. (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
urnson   Capt. McIntosh    South CarolinaMarionArtilleryCapt. Edw'd L. Parker    South CarolinaLafayetteArtilleryCapt. J. T. Kanapaux    South CarolinaWashington, S. C.ArtilleryCapt. Geo. H. Walter    South CarolinaChesterfieldArtilleryCapt. Coit    South CarolinaMcBethArtilleryCapt. R. Boyce   Capt. Wm. Munro    South CarolinaWagnerArtilleryCapt. C. E. Kanapaux    South CarolinaFergusonArtilleryCapt. T. Ferguson    South CarolinaWatiesArtilleryCapt. J. W. Waties    South CarolinaBeaufortArtilleryCapt. Stephen Elliott    South CarolinaGist GuardArtilleryCapt. C. E. Chichester    South CarolinaAlstonArtilleryCapt. Chas. Alston    South CarolinaMatthewArtilleryCapt. Bonneau    South CarolinaWardArtilleryCapt. Josiah Ward    South CarolinaGardenArtilleryCapt. Hugh Garden    South CarolinaStanleyArtilleryCapt. Stanley    South CarolinaGaillardArtilleryCapt. Gaillard   1stTennesseeRegimentCavalryCol. Jas. E. CarterJune 9, 186
Montgomery (Alabama, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
12, 1862.  Col. J. W. Robertson1862.  36thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. L. Y. WoodruffMarch 16, 1863.  Col. Robt. H. Smith Delegate to Confederate Congress at Montgomery. 37thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Jas. F. DowdellMay 13, 1862.  38thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Chas. T. KetchumJune 30, 1862.  39thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol J. Lawton1861.  3dGeorgiaRegimentCavalryCol. A. E. KennonMarch 13, 1863.  Col. J. Thompson1862.  Col. M. J. Crawford1861.Delegate to Confederate Congress at Montgomery. 4thGeorgiaRegimentCavalryCol. Duncan L. ClinchJan. 16, 1863.  Col. Isaac W. Avery1863.  5thGeorgiaRegimentCavalryCol. Robt. H. AndersonJan. 20, 1863.PromoteryCol. J. C. LewisDec. 31, 1862.  26thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Winchester HallNov. 25, 1862.  Col. Alexander DeClovet Delegate to Provisional Congress at Montgomery. 27thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Leon D. MarksApril 19, 1862.  28thLouisianaRegimentInfantryCol. Henry GrayMay 1, 1862.  29thLouisianaRegimentInfa
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
InfantryCol. J. L. DunlopJan. 12, 1862.  10thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. A. R. WittMay 27, 1862.  Col. T. D. Merrick1862.  11thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. John L. Logan   Col. J. M. Smith1862.  12thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Y. J. ReidOct. 2, 1862.  Col. E. W. Gantt1862.Promoted Brigadier- R. Cleburne1861.Promoted Major-General. 16thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. David Province   Col. J.ansasRegimentInfantryCol. C. L. Dawson   20thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. H. P. JohnsonMay 13, 1862nsasRegimentInfantryCol. J. R. Shaylor   28thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. D. McRae Promoted BrigadinfantryCol. Robt. A. HartNov. 12, 1862.  31stArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. T. H. McCrayMay 27, 1862.rkansasRegimentInfantryCol. L. C. Gause   1stArkansasBattalionInfantryMajor W. H. Brooks   2dArkanArkansasBattalionInfantryMajor W. D. Barnett   3dArkansasBattalionInfantry    4thArkansasBattalionInfantryLt. Col. Masson   5thArkansasBattalionInfantry    6thArkansasBattalionInfantryMajor D. G. White
Georgia (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 14
eneral by brevet. Col. W. J. Lawton1861.  3dGeorgiaRegimentCavalryCol. A. E. KennonMarch 13, 1863antryCol. Chas. H. OlmsteadDec. 26, 1861.  2dGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. E. M. BurtApril 28, 1862.eb. 15, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 17thGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. W. C. HedgesJan. 17, 1863mDec. 16, 1862.  Col. David J. Bailey   31stGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. C. A. EvansMay 13, 1862.PgiaRegimentInfantryCol. A. Littlefield   34thGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. J. A. W. JohnstonMay 17, orgiaRegimentInfantryCol. Abda Johnson   41stGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. Chas. A. McDanielMarch 20, 1862.  42dGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. R. J. Henderson   43dGeorgiaRegimentInfantryCol. Skidmore Cobb See post; promoted Brigadier-General.  GeorgiaLegionInfantryCol. Wm. Phillips See post. 1staBattalionArtilleryMaj. Geo. A. Gordon   14thGeorgiaBattalionArtilleryMaj. J. T. Montgomery   15tnown as The Savannah Volunteer Guards. 19thGeorgiaBattalion     20thGeorgiaBattalion     21stG
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