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T. G. Bacon (search for this): chapter 14
s. D. NanceMay 14, 1862.  Col. J. H. Williams   5thSouth CarolinaReg.---4th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. J. E. B. Sloan   6thSouth CarolinaReg.---5th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. A. CowardAug. 12, 1862.  Col. M. Jenkins Promoted Major-General. 7thSouth CarolinaReg.---6th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. John Bratton Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. Jas. H. Rion   8thSouth CarolinaReg.---7th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. D. Wyatt AikenMay 14, 1862.  Col. T. G. Bacon   9thSouth CarolinaReg.---8th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. John W. HenneganMay 14, 1862.  Col. E. B. Cash   10thSouth CarolinaReg.---9th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Jno. D. BlandingJuly 12, 1861.  11thSouth CarolinaReg.---10th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. Jno. F. PressleyApril 6, 1863.  Col. A. M. Manigault Promoted Brigadier-General. 12thSouth CarolinaReg.---11th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. F. H. GanttNov. 27, 1862.  Col. Wm. C.
Lee M. McAfee (search for this): chapter 14
ol. G. B. Singletary   45thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. J. H. MoreheadSept. 30, 1862.  Col. Samuel H. BoydJune 26, 1863.  Col. Junius Daniel Promoted Brigadier-General. 46thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. E. D. HallApril 4, 1862.  47thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Geo. H. FaribaultJan. 5, 1869.  Col. S. H. Rogers   48thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Robt. C. HallApril 9, 1862.  Col. Samuel H. WalkupDec. 4, 1863.  Col. Hill   49thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Lee M. McAfeeNov. 1, 1862.  Col. S. D. Ramseur Promoted Major-General. 50thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Jas. A. WashingtonDec. 1, 1862.  Col. George WorthamNov. 10, 1863.  Col. M. D. Craton   51stNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Hector McKethanJan. 19, 1863.  Col. J. L. Cantwell   52dNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. J. K. MarshallApril 23, 1862.  53dNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. A. OwensMay 6, 1862.  54thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. K. M. MurchisonM
James W. Hewitt (search for this): chapter 14
egimentCavalryCol. H. L. GiltnerOct. 5, 1862.  5thKentuckyRegimentCavalryCol. D. Howard SmithSept. 2, 1862.  6thKentuckyRegimentCavalryCol. J. Warren GrigsbySept. 2, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 7thKentuckyRegimentCavalryCol. R. N. GanoSept. 1, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 8thKentuckyRegimentCavalryCol. R. S. ClarkeSept. 10, 1862.  9thKentuckyRegimentCavalryCol. W. C. BreckinridgeDec. 11, 1862.  1stKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. Blanton Duncan   2dKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. James W. HewittApril 21, 1863.  Col. R. H. Hanson Promoted Brigadier-General. 3dKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. A. P. Thompson   4thKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. Joseph P. KuckoldsFeb 28, 1863.  Col. Robt. P. Trabue   5thKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. Hiram HawkinsNov. 14, 1862.  Col. And. J. May   6thKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. Joseph H. LewisJan. 14, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 7thKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. Ed. Crossland   8thKentuckyRegimentInfantryCol. H. B. LyonFeb. 3, 1862
J. McNeely (search for this): chapter 14
R. G. Shaver1862.  8thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. John H. KelleyMay 5, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. W. K. Patterson1862.  9thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. J. L. DunlopJan. 12, 1862.  10thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. A. R. WittMay 27, 1862.  Col. T. D. Merrick1862.  11thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. John L. Logan   Col. J. M. Smith1862.  12thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Y. J. ReidOct. 2, 1862.  Col. E. W. Gantt1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 13thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. J. McNeelyNov. 5, 1862.  Col. J. C. Tappan1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Frank P. Powers   Col. Mitchell1862.  15thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Benj. M. JohnsonMarch 4, 1862.  Col. P. R. Cleburne1861.Promoted Major-General. 16thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. David Province   Col. J. F. Hill1862.  17thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Judah E. Cravens   Col. F. Rector1862.  18thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. R. H. CrockettOct. 14, 1862.  Col. McCar
1stAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. M. L. StanselJune 27, 1863.  Col. Henry Talbird1862.  42dAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Jno. W. <*>ortisMay 16, 1862.  43dAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. T. M. MoodyNov. 4, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. Arch. Gracie, Jr1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 44thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Chas. A. DerbySept. 1, 1862.  Col. James Kent1862.  45thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. E. B. BreedloveMarch 25, 1863.  Col. W. S. Goodwin1862.  46thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Mich'l L. WoodsMay 20, 1862.  47thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. M. J. BulgerJuly 15, 1863.  Col. Oliver1862.  48thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Jas. L. SheffieldMay 23, 1863.  49thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. Jeptha EdwardsMay 8, 1862.  50thAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. J. C. Coltart   51stAlabamaRegimentPartisan RangersCol. Jno. T. MorganSept. 6, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 52dAlabamaRegimentInfantryCol. S. D. Hale   53dAlabamaRegimentPartisan RangersCol. M. W. HannonNov. 5, 186
D. Fleming (search for this): chapter 14
. Col. J. M. Gadberry   20thSouth CarolinaReg.---19th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. A. J. Lithgoe   Col. W. C. Moraigne   Col. T. P. Shaw   21stSouth CarolinaReg.---20th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. L. M. KeittJan. 11, 1862.  Col. S. M. Boykin   22dSouth CarolinaReg.---21st South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. R. F. Graham   23dSouth CarolinaReg.---22d South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. S. D. GoodlettMay 5, 1862.  Col. Joseph Abney   Col. O. M. Dantzler   Col. D. Fleming   Col. G. W. Bevet   24thSouth CarolinaReg.---23d South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. H. L. BenbowApril 1, 1863.  Col. L. M. Hatch   25thSouth CarolinaReg.---24th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. C. H. StevensApril 1, 1863.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. Ellison Capers Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. B. B. Smith   26thSouth CarolinaReg.---25th South Carolina VolunteersInfantryCol. C. H. SimontonAug. 14, 1862.  27thSouth CarolinaReg.---26th South Ca
James B. Gordon (search for this): chapter 14
63.  Col. W. D. Pender Promoted Major-General. 7thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. Edward G. HaygoodJuly 27, 1862.  Col. R. P. Campbell   8thNorth CarolinaRegimentInfantryCol. H. M. ShawMay 16, 1861.  9thNorth CarolinaRegimentCavalryCol. James B. GordonJuly 23, 1863.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. William H. CheekOct. 17, 1863.  Col. R. Ransom, Jr Promoted Major-General. 10thNorth CarolinaRegimentArtilleryCol. J. A. J. BradfordAug. 20, 1861.  Col. Stephen D. PoolSept. 7, 1863.  11t Logwood   7thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Bennett   8thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. J. W. Starnes   9thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Gantt   10thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. E. S. Smith   11thTennesseeBattalionCavalryLt. Col. Gordon   1stTennesseeBattalionInfantryMaj. W. L. Eakin Afterwards 59th regiment, Col. Cooke. 1stTexasRegimentCavalryCol. McCulloch   2dTexasRegimentCavalryCol. E. L. PyronOct. 8, 1862.  Col. John Feard   3dTexasRegimentCav
Jonathan Dawson (search for this): chapter 14
adford   Col. Alpheus Baker   40thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. L. M. Walker Promoted Brigadier-General. 41stTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Robt. FarquhasonNov. 27, 1861.  42dTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. W. A. Quarles Promoted Brigadier-General. 43dTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. J. W. Gillespie   44thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Jno. S. FultonMay 5, 1862.  Col. C. A. McDaniel   45thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. A. Searey   Col. Addison Mitchell   46thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Jonathan DawsonSept. 30, 1862.  Col. John M. Clark   47thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. M. R. Hill   84thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. W. M. Voorhies   48thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. G. H. Nixon   49thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. D. A. Lyman   Col. Jas. E. Bailey   50thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. C. A. SuggJan. 26, 1862.  51stTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. B. M. Browder   52dTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. B. J. Lea   53dTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. J. R. White
H. P. Johnson (search for this): chapter 14
nsasRegimentInfantryCol. Frank P. Powers   Col. Mitchell1862.  15thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Benj. M. JohnsonMarch 4, 1862.  Col. P. R. Cleburne1861.Promoted Major-General. 16thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. David Province   Col. J. F. Hill1862.  17thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Judah E. Cravens   Col. F. Rector1862.  18thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. R. H. CrockettOct. 14, 1862.  Col. McCarver1862.  19thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. C. L. Dawson   20thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. H. P. JohnsonMay 13, 1862.  Col. Richard Lyon1862.  21stArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. S. BooneAug. 21, 1862.  Col. D. McRae1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 22dArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. H. McCord   Col. G. W. King1862.  23dArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. O. P. LyleSept. 10, 1862.  Col. C. W. Adams1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. 24thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. E. E. PortlockJune 6, 1862.  25thArkansasRegimentInfantryCol. Chas. R. TumballJune 13, 1862.  26thArkansasRegimentIn
James E. Raines (search for this): chapter 14
tInfantryCol. Wm. C. SnowDec. 7, 1862.  Col. W. E. Travis   6thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. G. C. PorterMay 8, 1862.  Col. W. H. Stephens   7thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. J. A. FiteMay 8, 1863.  8thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. John H. Anderson   Col. A. S. Fulton   9thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. C. S. HurtMay 7, 1862.  Col. H. L. Douglass   10thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. R. W. McGavockNov. 6, 1862.  Col. A. Herman   11thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. Thedford   Col. Jas. E. Raines Promoted Brigadier-General. 12thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. R. M. Russell   13thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. A. J. Vaughn Promoted Brigadier-General. 14thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. Wm. McCombSept. 2, 1862.Promoted Brigadier-General. Col. W. A. Forbes   15thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. D. W. Carroll   Col. C. M. Carroll   16thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. D. M. DonnellFeb. 20, 1863.  Col. Jno. H. Savage   17thTennesseeRegimentInfantryCol. T. W.
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