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December 19th (search for this): chapter 13
Johnnies, who set up the usual yelling. Captain Emilio, in command of the pickets, on the 17th made a reconnoissance with a few men to a point near the enemy's line on the Tullifinny. In a letter from General Sherman to General Foster dated December 18, the former expressed his desire to have the railroad cut. As an alternative he suggested, or it may be that you could diminish that force and use the balance in a small handy detachment east of Tullifinny over about old Pocotaligo. December 19, at 11 P. M., the Fifty-fourth and Thirtythird United States Colored Troops moved to Gregory's Landing, whence the Thirty-third first crossed on the General Hooker. The Fifty-fourth followed at 3 A. M. on the 20th, upon the same steamer. We ran up the river a short distance, and disembarked at Graham's Neck. Rain was falling, as was usual, seemingly, when the regiment moved. Marching about two miles to higher ground included in the Mike Jenkins plantation, arms were stacked, and we re
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