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Lawrence, Kansas (Kansas, United States) 92 2 Browse Search
John E. Cook 86 0 Browse Search
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made such a remark to you, if you had been a prisoner and wounded, in my hands. Bystander. Did you not promise a negro in Gettysburg twenty dollars a month? Capt. B. I did not. Bystander. He says you did. Mr. V. Were you ever in Dayton, Ohio? Capt. B. Yes, I must have been. Mr. V. This summer? Capt. B. No; a year or two since. Senator 1. Does this talking annoy you at all? Capt. B. Not in the least. Mr. V. Have you lived long in Ohio? Capt. B. I went there in 1805. I lived in Summit County, which was then Trumbull County. My native place is York State. Mr. V. Do you recollect a man in Ohio named Brown, a noted counterfeiter? Capt. B. I do. I knew him from a boy. His father was Henry Brown, of Irish or Scotch descent. The family was very low. Mr. V. Have you ever been in Portage County? Capt. B. I was there in June last. Mr. V. When in Cleveland, did you attend the Fugitive Slave Law Convention there? Capt. B. No. I was there about
y night, and up to the time I was attacked by the government troops. It was all occasioned by my desire to spare the feelings of my prisoners and their families, and the community at large. Mr. V. Did you not shoot a negro on the bridge, or did not some of your party? Capt. B. I knew nothing of the shooting of the negro, (Heywood.) Mr. V. What time did you commence your organization over in Canada? Capt. B. It occurred about two years ago. If I remember right, it was, I think, in 1858. Mr. V. Who was the secretary? Capt. B. That I would not tell if I recollected; but I do not remember. I think the officers were elected in May, 1858. I may answer incorrectly, but not intentionally. My head is a little confused by wounds, and my memory of dates and such like is somewhat confused. Dr. Biggs. Were you in the party at Dr. Kennedy's house? Capt. B. I was the head of that party. I occupied the house to mature my plans. I would state here that I have not been in B
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