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Theodore Parker 47 1 Browse Search
Wendell Phillips 44 0 Browse Search
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egistered in Cambridge; in 1837, when I entered college, there were but 305 such students; and in 1841, when I graduated, but 366. In like manner, Cambridge is now a city of some 85,000 inhabitants, ckily, discontinued in a few years under a more conservative president. Meanwhile, the class of 1841 was one of the very few which enjoyed its benefits. Under the guidance of George Ticknor, the meexpansion. As a matter of fact, the word elective did not appear on the college catalogues until 1841-42, but for two years previous this special announcement about mathematics had been given in a foad reason to think it any new departure as compared with that given by Professor Channing down to 1841 at least. The evidence would seem to be that between that period and 1846, when Professor Child ll my attention to the celebrated stroke, Goldie. The class to which I belonged — the class of 1841--was compact and tolerably well united, though small. It had perhaps more than the usual share o
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