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Philbrick (search for this): chapter 6
al and local details, to connect her with the veiled author; and the fantastic title of one tale, The Onelegged Dancers, had previously appeared in her Bits of Travel. Bits of Travel, p. 65. The final verdict seemed to be that she must have written the books, with enough of aid from some friend to justify her persistent denial; and ingenious critics soon began to see internal traces of a double authorship, while this to other critics seemed altogether absurd. The publication of Mercy Philbrick's Choice and Hetty's strange history only revived the same questions. The plots of these books showed the hand of Saxe Holm, the occasional verses that of H. H. Both novels brought a certain disappointment: they had obvious power, but were too painful to be heartily enjoyed. After all, the public mind is rather repelled by a tragedy, since people wish to be made happy. Great injustice has been done by many critics, I think, to Hetty's strange history. While its extraordinary power is
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