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St. Catharines (Canada) (search for this): chapter 33
812, m. Jonas Wyeth 2d, 1 Jan. 1833; Isabella, b. 28 July 1815, m. Shepard R. Laughton of Pittsford, Me., 11 Aug. 1846; Abigail Louisa, b. 16 Sept. 1817, d. unm. 29 Nov. 1843; ,John Torrey, b. 26 Ap. 1820, res. in Chatfield, Minn.; Horace Augustus, b. 22 Nov. 1823, m. Nancy M. Fuller 21 Sept. 1848. and res. in Texas; Charles Edward, b. 10 Nov. 1827, m. Abby Hanscom 9 Oct. 1850. Torrey the f. was a blacksmith and res. on the southerly side of Brattle Street, near Story Street; he d. at St. Catherines, Canada, while on a visit 18 Mar. 1852, and was buried here. Harlakenden, Roger, whose ancestry is traced from William Harlakenden (who d. in Wood-Church in Kent 30 Ap. 1081, was a younger son of a wealth family at Earls-Colne, Essex Co., England, and came to Camb. in the same ship with Shepard. in 1635. He had buried his w. Emlen, 18 Aug. 1634; and he brought with him his 2d w. Elizabeth, dau. of Godfrey Bosville, Esq. (m. 4 June 1735), by whom he had Elizabeth, b. Dee. 1636; Mar
Waltham (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
w. Elizabeth in. Josiah Learned 28 Ap. 1799. 24. Samuel, a descendant from Deac. Thomas Hastings of Wat., in. Lydia Tidd 16 Jan. 1755, and had nine chil. among whom were Samuel, b. 11 July 1757, and Hepzibah, b. 3 July 1762, m. John Swan of Waltham, 1781; he d. and she m. Jonas Wyeth of Camb. and d. in 1789. Samuel the f. res. in Lex. and d. 8 Feb. 1820, a. nearly 99; his w. Lydia d. 10 Nov. 1802, a. 71. 25. Samuel, s. of Samuel (24), m. Lydia Nelson of Lincoln 1 Oct. 1778, and had Lt and Mrs. Swan were insane many years before their death. The son Thomas, also, especially in his younger life, was periodically deprived of reason, and subjected to confinement. 17. Zechariah, s. of Zechariah (11), m. Rebecca Wellington of Waltham 22 Jan. 1757; she d. 16 Aug. 1770, a. 35, and he m. Ruth Robbins 9 May 1771. His children were Rebecca, b. 15 Ap. 1757; Zechariah, b. 8 June 1759, m. Abigail Blodgett 25 Mar. 1781, and d. (suicide) 5 Mar. 1814; Sarah, b. 14 Feb. 1761, m. Seth F
Mount Auburn (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
(otherwise written Hitte), in 1635 owned an estate on the northeasterly corner of Dunster and Mount Auburn streets, which he sold about 1638 to Thomas Marett; after which I find no trace of him here. tanner, and bought of Capt. Samuel Gookin, 1754, an estate on the N. E. corner of Holyoke and Mount Auburn streets. He prob. d. before 1765, and no record is found of his family. 26. Benjamin, s.ghly distinguished. Hopkins, John, in 1635 res. at the northwesterly corner of Dunster and Mount Auburn streets. He rem. in 1636 to Hartford, where he was Selectman in 1640, and Juror in 1643. Remington heirs, 12 May 1705, the Blue Anchor Tavern, at the northeast corner of Dunster and Mount Auburn streets, which he sold 1 Ap. 1709 to his brother John. In 1729 he bought a house at the northwest corner of Holyoke and Mount Auburn streets, where he d. between 28 June and 18 Nov. 1735; his w. Mary m. Nathaniel Parker of Newton 27 Jan. 1636-7. 4. John, s. of Joseph (2), by w. Abiel, had
Chelmsford, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
was eminent in his profession, and was generally styled Bishop Hancock. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Thomas Clark of Chelmsford, and granddau. of Elder Jonas Clark of Camb. Their chil. were John, b. 1 June 1702, grad. H. C. 1719, ord. at Brain and d. 8 Mar. 1831; his w. Christina d. 26 Oct. 1815, a. 64. 16. Walter, s. of Jonathan (11), m. Lucretia Bridge of Chelmsford 23 Nov. 1777, and had Walter, b. 26 Dec. 1778, grad. H. C. 1799, a lawyer at Townsend, d. 6 June 1821; Jonathan Cotton4 Ap. 1837. Walter the f. grad. H. C. 1771, was a surgeon in the Revolutionary Army, afterwards practised medicine in Chelmsford, and d. 29 Nov. 1782; his w. Lucretia d. here, and was buried 2 Mar. 1834, a. 77. 17. John, s. of Jonathan (11), m. eth, he had Elizabeth, b. 21 Sept. 1646; Sarah, b. 8 Aug. 1648, m. David Stone 31 Dec. 1674. Richard the f. removed to Chelmsford, where he d. about 1693, leaving w. Elizabeth, and children James, Ephraim, and others. Hill, Abraham, was an early
Dedham (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
is death, he was much employed and trusted in public office. Shepard had known him in England and had received favor and protection from him and his family. Less than two months after his arrival here, he was elected a Townsman or Selectman. The next year, 1636, he was elected an Assistant; and in December of the same year, on the first division of the military forces, he was commissioned Lieut.-colonel of the regiment embracing the towns of Cambridge, Charlestown, Watertown, Concord, and Dedham. All these offices he held until he died. His death occasioned public lamentation. Gov. Winthrop, in his journal, says, he was a very godly man, and of good use both in the commonwealth and in the church. He was buried with military honor, because he was Lieutenant-colonel. Shepard describes him as my most dear friend, and most precious servant of Jesus Christ. His daughters, if they survived so long, probably went to England with their step-father in 1648; and it is not known that any
Elizabeth Spring (Rhode Island, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
f Jacob Watson and wid. of Adino Hastings, and had Morse Curtis Watson, b. 17 July 1803, supposed to be the same who was known and respected in Camb. by the name of Watson Hastings and who d. here 5 May 1849, a. 45; Jonathan Balch, b. 28 Jan. 1805; Joseph Warren, b.—Ap. 1806. Thomas the f. was a grocer in Newton and afterwards a brewer in Camb. His will, dated 31 Dec. 1806, was proved 19 Feb. 1808; his w. Mehetabel d. 7 Jan. 1850, a. 84. 20. Edmund Trowbridge, s. of John (17), m. Elizabeth Spring of Boston 1 June 1815, and had Edmund Trowbridge, b. 3 Mar. 1816; Harriot Elizabeth, b. 3 Aug. 1818, m. John B. Hatch 5 Oct. 1841; John Walter, b. 27 Nov. 1819, m. Sarah E., dau. of Rev. Thomas B. Gannett, 4 Sept. 1850; Lydia Dana, b. 29 Sept. 1821, d. Dec. 1821; Horace, b. 16 Sept. 1822, d. 3 Nov. 1826; a son, b. and d. 7 Feb. 1824; Mary Augusta, b. 6 Dec. 1824, d. 14 Dec. 1824; a son, b. and d. 15 Jan. 1827. Edmund Trowbridge the f. was a merchant and res. on the westerly side of Pro
Salem (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
, Lucy m. Rev. Thaddeus Fiske of W. Camb., and Martha m. Rev. William Harris of Salem. 5. Samuel, s. of Nathaniel (2), was a cordwainer, rem. to Lexington about 1ead, which he sold to his brother Joseph 25 May 1675, having previously rem. to Salem. His w. Hannah d. here 24 Mar 1670. 3. Joseph, s. of Robert (1), appears to bought his brother John's share in 1675. He was here in 1680, but had rem. to Salem as early as 1684. We have no record of his family. 4. John, s. of John (2),y by will, dated 15 Nov. 1688, proved 16 June 1691. His father, John Holmes of Salem, and his sister Hannah, wife of George Felt, objected to this disposition of thHannah. 5. John, probably s. of Joseph (3), d. here, and his son Benjamin of Salem was appointed administrator 20 Jan. 1719-20. By a release. 18 Feb. 1720-21, ividence 23 Sept. 1822; Ann Susan, b. 15 May 1804, m. Rev. Charles W. William of Salem 29 May. 1826; Sarah Lathrop, bap. 29 Dec. 1805, d. 6 Nov. 1812; Oliver Wendell,
Stowe, Mass. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
red his estate, and Sarah, who d. 21 Dec. 1679. Jeremiah the f. inherited the homestead, and d. 30 Nov. 1709; his w. Susanna d. 4 Dec. 1709. 3. Abraham, s. of William (1), was m. before 16661, but seems to have had no children. He removed to Stow, where he d. between 14 Sept. and 30 Dec. 1711, devising his estate to w. Sarah, to Abraham and Jeremiah, sons of Jeremiah Holman, and Abraham, son of Timothy Gipson; about six months after his death, his wid. Sarah, having grown ancient, conveyed her estate to Timothy Gipson of Sudbury, who agreed to maintain her through life. 4. Jeremiah, s. of Jeremiah (2), res. in Stow 1710, when he sold his father's homestead to Solomon Prentice. He subsequently rem. to Lancaster, and with his w. Abigail conveyed land to his son Jeremiah 4 Feb. 1722-3. 5. Abraham, s. of Jeremiah (2), had in Camb. Abraham,bap. 15 Aug. 1697; Susannabap. 1706. He rem. to Stow. Holmes, Robert (otherwise written Holme, or Homes), was an early inhabitant, and
Hadley, Ma. (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
; Thomas, b. 1648; James, killed by the Indians at Brookfield 1675; Joseph; Nathaniel, b. 20 Mar. 1657; Abigail, said to have m. Thomas Hodgkins; Priscilla, m. John Ayers. Daniel, the f. d. 1692; his w. Rebecca d. 1665. 2. Joseph, s. of Daniel (1), m. Hannah Pratt, and had Joseph, b. 1677; Ebenezer, b. 1680, m. Elizabeth Denny at Ipswich, and had five sons and three daughters; Hannah, b. 1682; John, b. July 1684; Caleb, b. 1687; Thomas. Joseph the f. is said to have res. several years in Hadley, where perhaps most or all of his children were born. He is also said to have rem. with his family to Camb.; or perhaps more probably to Chs., whence his sons came to Camb. He d. 1739. 3. Joseph, s. of Joseph (2), m. Mary, dau. of John Marrett, 10 Dec. 1702, and had Joseph, bap. 28 May 1704; Hannah, bap. 7 July 1706, m. Samuel Wheat 2 Aug. 1708; Mary, bap. 15 Aug. 1708; Amos, b. 26 Jan. 1710-11; Daniel, bap. 24 Jan. 1713-14; John, bap. 2 Nov. 1718. Joseph the f. was a cooper; but appea
Hingham (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 33
inhabitant in 1651. He m. wid. Sarah Hubbard, and had Jacob and Rebecca, before 1658. Hammerston, Edward, was buried 24 Aug. 1646. Hammond, Thomas, was in Hingham 1636. In 1650, he and Vincent Druce (also from Hingham) purchased a tract of land in what is now Newton, adjoining Brookline, which they divided in 1664. He d. Hingham) purchased a tract of land in what is now Newton, adjoining Brookline, which they divided in 1664. He d. 1675, leaving a large estate to his wid. Elizabeth, and chil. Elizabeth Woodward, Thomas, and Nathaniel, and to his grandchildren Sarah and Elizabeth, chil. of his dau. Sarah Stedman, deceased. 2. Thomas, s. of Thomas (1), m. Elizabeth Stedman, 17 Dec. 1662, and had Elizabeth, b. 3 Nov. 1664; Thomas, b. 16 Dec. 1666; Isaac, b.my. 12. William, s. of Samuel (7), was a physician and surgeon; he res. a few years in Bridgewater, and afterwards settled in Dorchester. He m. Hannah Beal of Hingham, and had in Bridgewater Samuel, b. 26 Nov. 1737; William, b. 30 Oct. 1739; and in Dorchester, Hannah, b. 8 Jan. 1742; Phineas, b. 31 Jan. 1744, was a physician; J
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