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Browsing named entities in a specific section of Edward H. Savage, author of Police Recollections; Or Boston by Daylight and Gas-Light ., Boston events: a brief mention and the date of more than 5,000 events that transpired in Boston from 1630 to 1880, covering a period of 250 years, together with other occurrences of interest, arranged in alphabetical order. Search the whole document.

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Love lane (United Kingdom) (search for this): chapter 2
(Latin) Warren avenue, built, 1879 Latin, So., School alley, built, 1652 Moved nearer the burying-place, 1652 Lawrence, Third street, South Boston, built, 1856 Lincoln, Broadway, South Boston, built, 1859 School Houses Lyman, Meridian street, East Boston, built, 1846 Mayhew, Hawkins street, built, 1803 Rebuilt, 1846 New Norman, Mason street, built, 1848 Newbury, Newbury street, built, 1875 Norcross, D street, South Boston, built, 1868 North Writing, Love lane, built, 1699 Rebuilt, 1712 Rebuilt by Gov. Hutchinson, 1717 Prescott, Prescott street, built, 1865 Phillips, Phillips street, built, 1862 Prince, Exeter street, built, 1880 Primary, on Richmond street, built, 1866 Quincy, Tyler street, built, 1848 Rebuilt, 1859 Rice, Dartmouth street, built, 1869 Sherwin, Windsor street, built, 1870 Shurtleff, Dorchester street, built, 1869 Sumner, Florence street, built, 1876 Smith, Belknap street, built, 1812 Wel
Newburyport (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
c Temple. Tremont street, purchased, Dec., 1856 Cove Company The South, incorporated, Jan. 1, 1833 Cows Seventy may be pastured on the Common, 1646 Going at large, to be licensed and wear a tally, 1823 A keeper employed by the City, 1824 Pastured on the Neck at $8 for the season, 1827 And dog licenses amount to $3,247.39, 1824 Cows not to be allowed on the Common, 1830 Crockett, Col. David visited Boston, May 11, 1834 Cushing, Hon. Caleb died at Newburyport, aged 78 years, Jan. 2, 1879 Custom House stood on Red Lion Wharf, 1682 At the corner of King and Exchange streets, 1770 On Custom House street, 1808 New building began at head of Long Wharf, Sep. 1, 1837 New building completed, cost $1,073,371.43, June 16, 1847 Collectors, Benj. Lincoln, in office, 1796 Henry Dearborn, in office, 1809 Henry A. S. Dearborn, in office, 1813 David Henshaw, in office, 1829 George Bancroft, in office, 1838 Levi Lincoln, in
Hartford (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
issing man explained, Apr. 17, 1830 M. Magistrates several were indicted by the Grand Jury, Sep. 1, 1635 Three were chosen for life, Apr. 7, 1636 Mail Matter went from Boston to New York once a week, 1711 Went from Boston to Hartford once a week, 1712 Went from Boston to New York once in three days, 1814 Goes from Boston to New York once a day, 1880 Maine District purchased slily by Massachusetts, May 12, 1680 Became a State by itself, June 19, 1819 Politic Causeway street, Apr. 10, 1854 Boston and Maine opened from Haymarket square, July 4, 1845 Old Colony opened for travel, Nov. 8, 1845 Fitchburg opened for travel, Mar. 5, 1845 Fitchburg stone depot completed, Aug. 9, 1848 Boston, Hartford & Erie Air Line completed, 1854 Great three days Jubilee on Boston Common, Sep. 17, 1851 Cars first pass through Hoosac Tunnel, Feb. 9, 1875 Ransom, Col killed in Mexico; body sent to Vermont, through Boston, Feb. 9, 1848 Razor-St
l Hall, Jan. 13, 1863 Received 110000 votes for Governor of Massachusetts; defeated, Nov. 5, 1878 Elected Governor of Massachusetts, Nov. 7, 1882 C. Cages built to imprison Sabbath breakers, 1677 Cahill, Thomas arrested in Ireland by the State police; charge, Landergan murder, Aug. 2, 1874 California The gold fever reached Boston; a sensation, Sep. 18, 1848 A mining company of 100 men formed, Dec. 7, 1848 Ship Saltillo sailed from Boston, Dec. 27, 1848 Barkpers were fined for fraud, 1723 Required to be licensed, 1863 Thirty-eight the City, 1880 Ireland Emigrants arrived, and sold in bondage, 1655 Contributed for the suffering poor, in Boston, 1677 Poor, Boston sent provisions for Ireland's suffering poor, 1847 Contribution for sufferers by Boston, 1880 Islands Apple, occupied by Mr. Marsh, as a garden, 1814 Bought by the City of Boston, 1867 Bird. Contained 12 acres of land, 1636 Pirates were gibbetted there, 1
Barney Ford (Illinois, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
olon Tenney, by Charles L. Cater, in State Prison, Dec. 27, 1856 Jerry Agin, by Tom. Mead, in Stoddard street, Oct. 8, 1857 John Hilton, by Henry L. Sutton, on Fort Hill, Oct. 17, 1857 Ezekiel W. Hodgsdon, by McNulty and Joyce, in East Boston, Oct. 18, 1857 William R. Chapman, by James H. Gould, in Friend street, Feb. 26, 1858 Fanny May, by Joseph G. Fernandez, in Hanover street, Oct. 30, 1860 Murder Michael Orphin, by John Fitzgerald, on Fort Hill, Mar. 13, 1861 Barney Ford, by Mike Sullivan, in North street, Nov. 22, 1862 Nathan Breed, by Horace Davis, in West Lynn, Dec. 22, 1862 James M. Sawyer, by Edward Owens, in Winter street, Aug. 24, 1863 Frank Converse, by Edward W. Green, in Malden, Dec. 14, 1863 Abraham Lincoln, by J. Wilkes Booth, in Washington, D. C., Apr. 14, 1865 Morris Folay, by Wm. J Felton (susp.), in South street, Oct. 1, 1864 Joyce children, by unknown, in Bussey's Woods, West Roxbury, June 12, 1865 Thomas Jackson, by
Yorktown (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
d, June 5, 1856 Pawners', in Union street, opened for business, Jan. 23, 1860 Barracks on the Common, at Lynde street Church and Old South (British), 1775 Barton's Point at the foot of Leverett street, 1732 Barnicoat, William veteran fireman, Ex-Chief Engineer, died, Jan. 21, 1867 Battles at Lexington and Concord, first of the Revolution, Apr. 19, 1775 Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill), Charlestown, June 17, 1775 Saratoga, Gen. Burgoyne's defeat, Oct. 17, 1777 Yorktown, Cornwallis' defeat; great sensation, Oct. 19, 1781 Big Bethel, great sensation in Boston, June 11, 1861 Bull Run, first reverse, sensation in Boston, July 21, 1861 Ball's Bluff reverse, sensation in Boston, Oct. 23, 1861 Hampton Roads, Monitor engagement, Mar. 8, 1862 Bull Run, second reverse, great excitement, Aug. 31, 1862 Lee's surrender to Grant, great excitement, Apr. 10, 1865 Beacon first set up on Century Hill, Jan., 1635 Colors set up, a warning of danger
Middlesex Village (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Island, 1720 Established at Rainsford Island, 1737 A boat for the work provided, 1832 Quebec taken by Gen. Wolf; sensation in Boston, Sep. 18, 1759 Quincy Hall over the market, named, June 13, 1831 R. Railroad Hand. One to cart dirt, on west side Beacon Hill, June, 1811 Horse. One at Quincy Granite Works, Oct., 1826 Cambridge opened for travel, May 21, 1856 Metropolitan opened for travel, Sep. 17, 1856 South Boston opened for travel, Dec. 27, 1856 Middlesex opened for travel, Mar. 5, 1857 One opened to Brokline, Oct. 26, 1859 Suffolk to East Boston, opened Aug. 20, 1860 Cars run through Cornhill, Feb. 11, 1867 Double track from Tremont House, south, Dec. 2, 1867 Run through Berkeley and Boylston streets, Mar. 4, 1868 Run through Clarendon to Beacon street, Oct. 16, 1868 So. Boston cars drawn by men; horses sick, Oct. 3, 1872 Cars run through Harrison avenue, South End, May, 1877 Railroad Horse. Run whole length
Concord, N. H. (New Hampshire, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Virginia, abolitionist, Dec. 2, 1859 President Lincoln's assassins, at Washington, July 7, 1865 Edward W. Green, at Cambridge, Converse murder, Apr. 13, 1866 James McElhaney, in jail, wife murder, Mar. 21, 1873 Franklin Evans, at Concord, N. H., Lovering murder, Feb. 17, 1874 James H. Costly, at Dedham, for murder, June 25, 1875 Louis Wagner, at Thomaston, Isle of Shoals, murder, June 25, 1875 George W. Pemberton, in jail, for Bingham murder, Oct. 8, 1875 Thomas W. Piper, in jail, for Mabel Young murder, May 26, 1876 Mr. Frost, at Worcester, for murder, May 26, 1876 Joseph B. Buswell, at Concord, N. H., for murder, July 10, 1879 Hanged William H. Devlin, at Cambridge, for murder, Mar. 14, 1879 John P. Phair, at Windsor, Vt., for murder, July 10, 1879 Harbor frozen over far down the bay, Dec. 26, 1630 Frozen over, far down the bay, Dec. 25, 1632 Good walking on the ice to Governor's Garden, Nov. 5, 1633 Frozen over to Governor's G
Rhode Island (Rhode Island, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
in Boston, 1850 Said to be 3,000 in Boston, 1880 Drumming was a means of summoning the people, 1664 To proclaim laws against Quakers, 1666 To raise military recruits, 1675 To raise recruits for the Mexican War, June, 1846 To raise recruits for Southern Rebellion, April, 1861 Duels Phillips killed Woodbridge on the Common, July 3, 1728 Between two naval officers on Noddle's Island, Oct. 9, 1773 Between naval officers on Noddle's Island, Sep. 25, 1819 In Rhode Island, got up at Tremont House, Feb., 1834 Duellists to be buried with a stake driven through the body, 1728 Duke Alexis a Russian Prince, visited Boston, Dec. 8, 1871 Dwellings in town, 1,000, 1697 In town, 3,000, 1709 In town, 6,700, 1800 In the City, 41,402, 1880 E. Earthquakes A severe one occurred in Boston, June 1, 1638 One done considerable damage in town, Jan. 26, 1662 Five occurred during the year , 1669 One rocked the houses in town, Oct. 2
Saint Marks (Kansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
to build stores, 1872 Society removed to Columbus ave., 1872 Churches Second, built in Clark square, of wood, 1649 In Clark square, burned, Nov. 27, 1676 Again rebuilt of wood, 1677 Used for fuel by British soldiers, Dec., 1775 Shawmut ave. and Williams st. dedicated (Bap.), Dec., 1849 Congregational, dedicated, Nov. 18, 1852 St. Paul's, Tremont street, Episcopal, cornerstone laid, Sep. 4, 1819 St. Stephen's, Purchase st., corner-stone laid, Mar. 25, 1845 St. Mark's, Concord street, built, 1845 Springfield street, Congregational, completed and dedicated, July 8, 1863 Suffolk street, Catholic, corner-stone laid, July 8, 1842 Temple street, Methodist, corner-stone laid, June 30, 1835 New house, dedicated, Oct. 18, 1865 Tremont and Concord streets, Methodist, cornerstone laid, July 30, 1860 Tremont and Brookline streets, Congregational, corner-stone laid, June 17, 1863 Tremont and Camden streets, corner-stone laid, July 1, 1867 T
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