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United States (United States) (search for this): chapter 32
Appendix. List of regiments and battalions from Virginia in the Confederate States army, 1861-65. Compiled in war Records office, United States war department. First Artillery regiment (known as Hardaway's battalion, also as First Virginia battalion light artillery): Brown, J. Thompson, major, colonel; Cabell, Henry Coalter, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Coleman, Lewis M., lieutenant-colonel; Hardaway, Robert A., major, lieutenant-colonel; Moseley, Edgar F., major, lieutenant-colonel; Randolph, George W., colonel; Stribling, Robert M., major, lieutenant-colonel; Watson, David, major. Names are arranged in alphabetical order. First Artillery battalion. (See First regiment.) First Cavalry battalion (merged into Ninth Cavalry): Beale, Richard L. T., major; Johnson, John E., lieutenant-colonel. First Cavalry battalion Local Defense Troops: Browne, William M., colonel. First regiment Partisan Rangers. (See Sixty-second mounted infantry.) First Cavalry regime
St. George, W. Va. (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
ansferred to Fifteenth Cavalry): Critcher, John, major. Fifteenth Cavalry regiment (consolidated with Fifth regiment, November 8, 1864): Ball, William B., colonel; Burroughs, Edgar, major; Collins, Charles Read, major, colonel; Critcher, John, lieutenant-colonel. Fifteenth Infantry regiment: August, Thomas P., colonel; Clarke, Charles H., major; Crenshaw, James R., lieutenant-colonel; Morrison, Emmet M., major, lieutenant-colonel; Peyton, Thomas G., major, lieutenant-colonel; Tucker, St. George, major, lieutenant-colonel; Walker, John Stewart, major. Sixteenth Cavalry battalion (transferred to Thirteenth Cavalry): Belsches, Benjamin W., major. Sixteenth Cavalry regiment: Ferguson, Milton J., colonel; Graham, William L., lieutenant-colonel; Nounnan, James H., major. Sixteenth Infantry regiment: Colston, Raleigh E., colonel; Crump, Charles A., colonel; Crutchfield, Stapleton, colonel; Ham, Joseph H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Holladay, Francis D., major; Page, John C.,
Williams (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
861. Afterward, November 9, 1861, merged into Fifty-third regiment): Montague, Edgar B., major. Mosby's regiment Partisan Rangers: Chapman, William H., lieutenant-colonel; Mosby, John S., colonel; Richards, A. E., major. Morris' Independent Infantry battalion: Morris, Z. F., acting major. O'Ferrall's Cavalry battalion (merged into Twenty-third Cavalry): O'Ferrall, Charles T., major. Richmond Howitzers (also called Richmond battalion): Randolph, George W., major. State Line Artillery: Jackson, Thomas E., colonel. Stuart Horse Artillery battalion: Beckham, R. F., major; Pelham, John, major; Williams, S. C., lieutenant-colonel. Swann's Cavalry battalion: Swann, Thomas B., lieutenant-colonel. Tomlin's Infantry battalion (merged into Fifty-third Infantry): Tomlin, Harrison B., major. Waddill's Infantry battalion (Company A of this battalion went into Fifty-third Infantry): Waddill, George M., acting major. Wade's regiment Reserves: Wade, James M., colonel.
Kenton, Tenn. (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
jor. Fifth battalion Reserves: Henry, P. M., lieutenant-colonel. Fifth Infantry battalion Local Defense Troops (Arsenal battalion): Brown, W. Le Roy, lieutenant-colonel; Ennis, Philip J., lieutenant-colonel; Vaughan, John B., major. Fifth Infantry battalion: Archer, F. H., lieutenant-colonel; Foster, William R., major; Wilson, John P., Jr., major. Fifth Infantry regiment: Baylor, William S. H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Harman, William H., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Harper. Kenton, colonel; Koiner, Absalom, major; Newton, James W., major; Williams, Hazel J., major, lieutenant-colonel. Fifth Infantry regiment State Line: Edmundson, David, lieutenant-colonel; Preston, C. H., major; Preston, Robert T., colonel. Sixth Cavalry regiment: Cabell, J. Grattan, major, lieutenantcol-onel; Field, Charles W., colonel; Flournoy, Thomas S., major, colonel; Flournoy, Cabell E., major; Green, John Shac., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Grimsley, Daniel A., major; Harrison, J
Antrim, Pa. (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
b, colonel. Seventy-seventh Militia regiment: McDonald, Edward H., colonel; Simms, Gilmore F., lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Abraham, major; Vandiver, Joseph L., major. Eighty-second Militia regiment: Blankenbeker, E. Finks, major; Carpenter, Simeon, lieutenant-colonel; Troyman, James W., colonel Eighty-fourth Militia regiment: Dennis, Thomas C., colonel. Eighty-seventh Militia regiment: Gresham, Thomas Robert, colonel; Saunders, William A., major. Eighty-eighth Militia regiment: Antrim, C. W., major; Carver, D. C., lieutenant-colonel; McKennie, M., colonel. Eighty-ninth Militia regiment: Davison, Samuel, major; Flagg John S., lieutenant-colonel; Johnston, Samuel, colonel; Rider, E. . , major. Ninty-first Militia regiment: Crenshaw, John B., major. One Hundred and Eighth Militia regiment: Rowan, John M., colonel. One Hundred and Ninth Militia regiment: Jones, E. P., colonel. One Hundred and Tenth Militia regiment: Lavender, J. G., major. One Hundred and Fo
Fortress Monroe (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
tenant-colonel; Simpson, Robert H., major; Tyler, Grayson, major, lieutenant-colonel. Eighteenth Artillery battalion: Hardin, Mark B., major. Eighteenth Cavalry regiment: Beall, David Edward, lieutenant-colonel; Imboden, George W., colonel; Monroe, Alexander, major. Eighteenth Infantry regiment: Carrington, Henry A., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Cabell, George C., major, lieutenant-colonel; Wall, Edwin G., major; Withers, Robert E., colonel. Nineteenth Heavy Artillery battalion: AtkiOne Hundred and Eighth Militia regiment: Rowan, John M., colonel. One Hundred and Ninth Militia regiment: Jones, E. P., colonel. One Hundred and Tenth Militia regiment: Lavender, J. G., major. One Hundred and Fourteenth Militia regiment: Monroe, Alexander, colonel. One Hundred and Fifteenth Militia regiment: Mallory, Charles K., colonel; Smith, M. B., major; Wray, George, major. One Hundred and Twenty-first Militia regiment: Sperry, J. G., colonel. One Hundred and Twenty-second
Harris (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
el. One Hundred and Ninty-eighth Militia regiment: Compton, John R., colonel. Botetourt regiment (Home Guard): Aunspaugh, Charles, major; Burks, Richard H., colonel; Burks, Robert S., lieutenant-colonel. Cohoon's Infantry battalion (see also Sixth battalion North Carolina Infantry): Cohoon, John T. P. C., lieutenant-colonel. French's Cavalry battalion (merged into Thirty-second regiment): Goggin, James M., major. Harris' Heavy Artillery battalion (disbanded June 10, 1862): Harris, N. C., lieutenant-colonel. Henry's regiment Reserves: Henry, P. M., colonel; Hobson, Joseph A., lieutenant-colonel; Reynolds, A. D., major. Jackson's Cavalry battalion (afterward Jackson's Tenth Cavalry): Jackson, William L., lieutenant-colonel. Jackson Hospital battalion: Scott, H. C., major. Keen's Infantry battalion (merged into Fifty-seventh regiment): Keen, Elisha F., major. Montague's Infantry battalion (attached temporarily to Thirty-second regiment, August 19, 1861. Aft
Wade Hampton (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
Twelfth Cavalry regiment: Burks, Richard H., lieutenant-colonel; Harman, Asher Waterman, colonel; Knott, John L., major; Massie, Thomas B., major, lieutenant-colonel. Twelfth Infantry regiment: Brockett, Edgar L., major; Feild, Everard Meade, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Jones, Richard W., major; Lewellen, John Richard, major, lieutenant-colonel; May, John P., major; Taylor, Fielding L., lieutenant-colonel; Weisiger, David A., colonel. Thirteenth Artillery battalion: Gibbes, Wade Hampton, major; King, J. Floyd, major, lieutenant-colonel; Owen, William Miller, major; Belsches, Benjamin W., major; Chambliss, John R., Jr., colonel; Gillette, Joseph E., major; Phillips, Jefferson C., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Savage, Alexander, lieutenant-colonel; Upshaw, Thomas E., major, lieutenant-colonel; Winfield, Benjamin F., major. Thirteenth Infantry regiment: Crittenden, Charles T., major; Goodman, George Augustus, major, lieutenant-colonel; Hill, Ambrose P., colonel; Sherrard,
Auburn, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
artisan Rangers): Doyle, Robert L., lieutenant-colonel; Hall, Houston, major; Imboden, George W., major; Lang, David B., major, lieutenant-colonel; Smith, George H., colonel: Imboden, John D., colonel. Sixty-third Infantry regiment: Dunn, David C., lieutenantcol-onel; French, James M., major, colonel; Lynch, Connally H., lieutenant-colonel; McMahon, John J., colonel. Sixty-fourth Mounted Infantry regiment (formed from Twenty-first [Pound Gap] battalion): Gray, Harvey, major; Pridemore, Auburn L., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Richmond, James B., major, lieutenant-colonel; Slemp, Campbell, colonel. Sixty-fourth Militia regiment: Dillard, John L., colonel. Sixty-seventh Militia regiment: Cunningham, John F., major; Robinson, Israel, lieutenant-colonel; Sencendiver, Jacob, colonel. Seventy-seventh Militia regiment: McDonald, Edward H., colonel; Simms, Gilmore F., lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Abraham, major; Vandiver, Joseph L., major. Eighty-second Militia regiment: Blanken
Camden, S. C. (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 32
colonel; Lee, William H. F., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Lewis, Meriwether, major, lieutenant-colonel; Swann, Samuel A., major; Waller, Thomas, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel. Ninth Infantry battalion (merged into Twenty-fifth regiment): Camden, G. D., Jr., major; Hansbrough, George W., lieutenant-colonel. Ninth battalion Reserves: Taylor, Arch., major. Ninth Infantry regiment: Crutchfield, Stapleton, major; Gilliam, James S., major, lieutenant-colonel; Godwin, David J., lieutenan Charles T., lieutenant-colonel; White, Robert, colonel. Twenty-third Infantry battalion: Blessing, William, major; Cecil, William P., major; Derrick, Clarence, lieutenant-colonel; Hounshell, David S., major. Twenty-third Infantry regiment: Camden, J. D., major; Coleman, Clayton G., Jr., major, lieutenant-colonel; Crenshaw, James H., lieutenant-colonel; Curtis, George W., lieutenant-colonel; Fitzgerald, John P., major, lieutenant-colonel; Pendleton, Joseph H., major; Richardson, Andrew J.,
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