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James H. Lane 136 6 Browse Search
L. O'B. Branch 116 6 Browse Search
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from the infantry. If that were carried, another and still more difficult remained in the rear. In the strained, tense hush that precedes a battle, when the heart-throbs of even battle-tried soldiers communicate a restless quiver to their bayonet tips, many a North Carolina soldier of only a few months' experience felt that in vain would he throw himself against that hill grim with the engines of death, and many a lad fresh from the family hearth-stone—and there were many such there that July day—knew that if he could acquit himself nobly when all those guns opened, battle would thereafter have few terrors for him. Yet all were ready to follow their colors. General Lee's order of battle was that when Armistead, who occupied the highest ground, should see that the artillery made any break in the Federal front, he should charge with a shout, and the other brigades, on hearing his advance, should simultaneously attack. Perhaps, if according to this order, all the Confederates ha
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