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January 10th (search for this): chapter 1.6
cordially endorsed with my approval, was also approved by General Breckinridge. Arrived in Richmond, I left the letter at the War Department with the request that it be attended to immediately. Saw Colonel Leroy Broun, of the Ordnance Department. Explained to me that the grooves of the two worthless United States 3-inch navy Parrotts captured near Bull's Gap were worn out towards the breach, and hence worthless. He ordered several guns sent to Wytheville, and a selection was made. January 10th, 1865.—Returned to Wytheville. The artillery of the department now consisted of: Lynch, four United States 3-inch rifles, three caissons; Burroughs, two United States 3-inch navy Parrotts (good), two iron 6-pounders, four caissons; Douthat, four 12-pound howitzers, four caissons; King, three brass 12-pound howitzers, one Richmond 3 inch rifle, no caissons; total, sixteen guns, eleven caissons. All other guns in the department sent back to Richmond, so that the only bad piece we had now
October 28th (search for this): chapter 1.6
ort does not include the horses of commissioned officers and those of King's battery. October 18th, 1864.—Removed to camp on William Souther's farm near by. Drilled, repaired harness and the like. October 20th, 1864.—Removed to camp on Kent's farm in the neighborhood, where we remained until November 5th. Drilled, reorganized, procured horses and one wagon for Lynch. October 22d, 1864.—--Douthat's battery ordered to report to Colonel Thomas H. Carter in the Shenandoah Valley. October 28th, 1864.—McClung's battery, acting with Vaughan's cavalry brigade in East Tennessee, reported captured, correct. Lieutenants Pearcy and Dobson escaped. Kept on drilling; experimented firing guns this month, General Breckinridge and others being present; resulted in condemning as worthless every gun at Wytheville except Byrne's two 12-pound howitzers, including especially the two Atlanta 3 inch rifles and a brass rifled nondescript from Captain Semple's ordnance store at Wytheville. Lync
nry Cochran reported to me for duty. January 21st, 1865.—Captain Lynch sent to Grayson county, Virginia, to collect stragglers. About this time General Breckinridge was appointed Confederate States Secretary of War in place of James A. Seddon, and Brigadier-General John Echols succeeded to the command. Bridges destroyed by Stoneman last month quickly rebuilt by Major Poore, Chief of Engineers. March 30th, 1865.—Up to this time had remained in winter quarters. Douthat, who on the 14th of March had been ordered to Farmville, Virginia, via Lynchburg, had his order revoked, and reported to me at Wytheville. Supplied with fifty-nine new battery horses, in excellent condition, those unserviceable being turned over to Major McMahon, Quartermaster. Lynch supplied with horses and harness, and others also where needed. March 31st, 1865.—King reported to me at Wytheville, and Lynch, who had been sent to Marion on the 25th, returned. April 3d, 1865.—Moved with Douthat's and Burr
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