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April 1st, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 1.9
eers of that command. I have never seen any statement from Colonel Chew claiming the credit of the action of the artillery at Gregg, or that it was his battery that was entitled to the credit of the gallantry shown; but as by his silence he has accepted the verdict due a brother officer, will he not give us his account of the defence of Fort Gregg? In Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume XVIII, page 283, under heading of Chew's battery, we read as follows: The 16th of January (1865) Shoemaker's and our (Thompson-Chew's) batteries disbanded, to be called in by general orders at any time. Called in through the papers April 1, 1865; ordered to report to Captain Carter at Lynchburg. I saw the order on the 2d. This extract would go to show that Chew's (Thompson's) battery was disbanded in January, 1865, and that on the day the lines were broken and Gregg fell Colonel Chew had no command at Petersburg. William Miller Owen, Late Lieutenant-Colonel Artillery, A. N. V
April 2nd, 1865 AD (search for this): chapter 1.9
king on new fort in front of Gregg. March 29th.—Enemy moving on our right. Heavy firing in front of Petersburg—10 P. M. Pardon the egotism if I refer to the fact that the artillerymen did me the honor to call the new fort—the last one built on the lines of Petersburg—Fort Owen. I try not to give way to the vanity of using the personal pronoun in recalling events of the war, but for my present purpose I cannot well avoid it sometimes. This was the situation at daybreak on the 2d April, 1865, when Lieutenant Battles and I emerged from the Gregg house, where we had tried to get a night's rest, but had been kept awake by the terrible noise of the cannonading in front of the city, to say nothing of our anxiety in regard to the right of the army, that we had heard. had been overwhelmed at Five Forks the evening before. McElroy was in Gregg with his dismounted artillerists; Battles was in Owen with his two guns and their cannoneers, and to the right and left, along the entre
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