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Edward Ferneyhough (search for this): chapter 1.45
of the Confederacy at N. O, 228. Davidson, Captain, Greenlee, killed, 852. Davis General Joseph R, 299. Davis, Mrs, Jefferson, Visit to, 315. Devens, General 43. Dickson, Mrs. William H., 230. Drewry's Bluff, President Davis as to operations at, 322, 323. Ellett, Lieutenant, Robert, killed, 366. Ellett, Lieutenant, James, killed, 349. Ellett. Captain Thomas 343 Emmett, Thomas, killed, 364. Englehard, Major Joseph A., 3. Fairfax, Randolph, killed, 70. Ferneyhough, Edward, 344. Figner, Alfonzo, 344. Fishburne, Lieutenant Clement D., 69. Five Forks, Battle of 371. Foy F. R. C. S., Dr. George, 275. Frederick City, Md, 347. Friedenwall, Dr., Herbert, 81. Gaines' Mill, Battle of, 94, 95. Garnett, Ll. D, Captain James M., 58, 71. Garnett, Ion. Thomas S 106. Garside, Miss Julia A 378. Gettysburg, Battle of, 10, 145, 356. Giddings, Colonel C. H., 255. Goolsby J. C., 6. Grady, B. F, 156. Greeley, Horace, on the Union, 177
ant, Philip, 71 New England's struggle for ship building, 159, 160. Nicholson, Captain W. T, 1. Niemeyer, Colonel W. F., Sketch of, 84. New Orleans, La., Daughters of the Confederacy at, 228. North, the, Attitude of, since 1865, 181. Otey Battery, 368. Packard, Jr., Lieutenant Joseph, 69. Page, Major R.--Channing M., 69. Palmer, D. D., Rev. B M., 228. Palmer, Colonel, Wm. H, 149 Pegram's Battalion, organization of, 342. Pegram, General, John, killed, 369. Pegram, General, Wm. R Johnson, killed, 342 373. Pendleton, Colonel A. S., 70. Pendleton, General, Wm. N., 69. Petersburg, Evacuation of hospitals in, 20; battles around, 21, 330, 331. Phi Gamma, The, in the war, 309. Phillips, Wendell, 187. Pickering, Timothy, 175. Pollard, Captain, Thos. P., 216. Porter, General, Fitz John, 96. Porter, John L., 125. Porter, John W. H., 125 Randolph Major N. ., 281. Ransom, General, 325. Rawlings, Lieutenant E. G., killed, 365. Rebel, was the Con
Hinton, Judge Drury A., 213. History Committe Grand Camp C. V, Report of, 169; Members of, 198. History, Southern, cannot be falsified, 193, 194, 376 Holland, Horace, killed, 352. Homespun garb in 1861, 288. Hope, James Barron, 193. Hotchkiss, Major, Jed., 279. Howitzers, Richmond, Guns of, at Appoinattox, 41. Jackson, General T. J., Death of, 271, 352. Jackson, Henry, 297. Jenkin's Brigade General A. G, 73. Johnson, General Bushrod R., 329. Johnson's Battery, Marmaduke, 91. Jones, Beverley R., 70 Jones, Major Richard W., 215 Jones, William Ellis, wounded, 366. Joynes, Professor E. S., 243 Kearney, General, Phil, killed, 346. Key, Francis Scott, 349. Knox, Captain John G, 1. Lamar, Jeff., killed, 296. Lane's Sharpshooters, General James H., 1; Brigade, Field and Staff officers and regiments of, 5. Laughton, Jr. Captain John E. 216. Lee and his Paladins, address by Surgeon J. H. Claiborne, 18. Lee, General R E., Tribute to, 106
Sarah Polk Blake (search for this): chapter 1.45
titution and By-Laws was then appointed, consisting of Miss Julia A. Garside, Chairman; Mrs. Joseph D. Davis, Mrs. Lizzie Cary Daniel, Mrs. N. V. Randolph, alternate; Mrs. M. E. Lloyd, Mrs. W. J. Behan by request. This organization is to be known as The Confederated Southern Memorial Association; its object, Memorial and Historical. Second meeting. The Confederate Southern Memorial Association was called to order by the President, Mrs. W. J. Behan, at 9:30 A. M., May 31st. Mrs. Sarah Polk Blake was unanimously elected historian for the Association. The report of the Committee on Constitution and By-Laws was next voted on by sections, and adopted as a whole. Mrs. N. V. Randolph made a beautiful and touching appeal to the Association in behalf of the Jefferson Davis monument, asking that this Confederated Association assist the U. D. C. in building this memorial. A hearty response was given and the Association pledged to assist in the work. On motion of Mrs. Lewis Graha
John B. Gordon (search for this): chapter 1.45
esident stating that an opportunity would be given The Confederated Memorial Association to present their memorial to General Gordon and the veterans at the Reunion Hall. Therefore the meeting was postponed until 4 P. M. The President and delegations, courage and endurance of the women of the South, during those trying times of war, the applause was deafening. General Gordon's indorsement was most heartily given and that of the veterans by a rising vote and enthusiastic cheering. The memorial was as follows: General John B. Gordon, Commander-in-Chief United Cotnfederate Veterans.—Dear Sir: Throughout the South are scattered Memorial Associations, who have not relinquished their original organization, and whose work is solely mef Louisiana, for their noble efforts in securing the delegation an audience and having the memorial presented through General Gordon to the convention of United Confederate Veterans at the reunion of June 1, 1900, at Louisville, Ky. Adjourned to m
e Robert L, 222, 316. Rogers, Major, Arthur Lee, 89. Rogers, Colonel George T., 211. Rosser's Laurel Brigade, 101. Ruff, Lieutenant-Colonel, 300. Sage, B. J., 157, 169. Scott, Colonel W. C 259. Secession, pioneer of, 81; right of 169. Seven Days Battle, how begun, 90. Seward, W. H., duplicity of, 188. Shaw, General Abbott D., 309 Sheridan's charge at Appomattox, 44; vandalism, 98. Shoes, Cowhide Moccasins for, 8. Slaves, Emancipation of, 197. Smith, General Francis H. 14. Smith, D. D., Rev. James P., 276. Spotsylvania Courthouse, Battle of, 2. South against the North, Case of the, 156. Southern Women, their glorious devotion, 377. Stamp Act of 1765, Declaration of rights under, 157. Starke, General, Wm. N. 3. Stephens, Alex. H. 18289. Stewart, Colonel, Wm. H., 84. Stovall, George, 289. Stowe, Mrs. H. B., 248. Tarbell, Ida M. 189. Tariff for benefit of New England, 161, 162. Taylor, Captain W. A. 209. Taylor, Colone
egiment, April 9, 1865,75; Infantry, 1st, on April 8, 1865, 8, 844 371; 14th offering of, 72; 10th, Company F, roll of, 15; Company D, 44th, history and roster of, 259; on the tax on tea in 1774,168. Von Hoist, opinion of the U. S. Constitution, 161. Wade, Ben J. F., 177. Walker, Miss Sue H., 378. Walker, Wm, 166. Washington and Lee, Unity of character of, 241. Washington, Bushrod C., 247. Washington Artillery, dead of, 301, 370. Webster, Daniel, 164, 176, 179. Webster the Spy, Hanging of, 388. Weed, Thurlow, 289. Weisiger, General David A. 204. Wells, Colonel James M., 309. Whiting, General W. H. C., 326 Wilderness Battle of, 1. Williams, Ben J. J., 178. Wilson, James H., 252. Wilson, Colonel James M, 86. Winfield, Colonel John G., 98. Wolseley's estimate of Lee, 114. Wood, Surgeon, Mahone's Division, 26; killed, 50. Wright, Ambrose R., 144. Young, George, killed, 337. Zimmer, Captain, Louis, 14. Zollicoffer, General Felix K., 304.
Elizabeth White (search for this): chapter 1.45
es, Secretary. The Ladies' Memorial and Literary Association of Missouri; Mrs. Leroy Valliant, President; Mrs. Jennie Edwards, Secretary. The Warren Memorial Association, Front Royal, Va.; Mrs. G. C. Davis, President; Mrs. W. C. Weaver, Corresponding Secretary. The Ladies' Confederate Memorial Association, Memphis, Tenn.; Mrs. Letitia A. Frazer, President; Phoebe Frazer, Secretary. The Ladies' Confederate Memorial Association, Fort Mills, S. C.; Mrs. J. B. Mack, President; Mrs. Elizabeth White, Secretary. The Ladies' Memorial Association, Knoxville, Tenn.; Mrs. Wm. Caswell, President; Mrs. M. E. Lloyd, Secretary. The Ladies' Memorial Association, Gainesville, Ala.; Mrs. D. H. Williams, President; M. B. Jackson, Secretary. The Ladies' Confederate Memorial Association, New Orleans, La.; Mrs. W. G. Behan, President; Mrs. Joseph Jones, Corresponding Secretary. The Southern Memorial Association, Fayetteville, Ark.; Mrs. Lizzie Pollard, President; Miss Julia A. Garsid
George Lunt (search for this): chapter 1.45
Correspondence of, March-August, 1863, tried as by fire 148; Celebration of birth-day of, 106 228; Characterization of, 240; as College Presidlent, 243; on buttermilk, 295. Lewis House, 64, 317 Lexington, Battle of, 155. Lincoln's Administration responsible, 186. Lodge, Henry Cabot, 180. Longstreet's Division at Gaines' Mill, 97. Loss, Unparallel, of Company F, 26th North Carolina, 199. Lodt Cause, The, 56. Louisiana, Purchase of. 162; Troops of, at Fort Gregg, 265. Lunt, George, 188. McCabe, Captain, W. Gordon, 212, 242. McClellan, General George B., 348. McGuire, M. D., LI. D., H. H., Sketch of life of, 267; his family, 275. McMartin, Colonel F. W, 206. McNeill's men, 98. Macon, Sergeant Lyttleton S , 70. Mahon, General William 204. Malvern Hill, Battle of, 11, 341 Manassas First, Ammunition at, 289. Marks, Edwin, 236. Maryland, Invasion of, 354. Masons in the Army 46. Massachusetts in 17 1770, 1773, 157; in 1811, 173. Massi
W. G. Behan (search for this): chapter 1.45
.; Mrs. Wm. Caswell, President; Mrs. M. E. Lloyd, Secretary. The Ladies' Memorial Association, Gainesville, Ala.; Mrs. D. H. Williams, President; M. B. Jackson, Secretary. The Ladies' Confederate Memorial Association, New Orleans, La.; Mrs. W. G. Behan, President; Mrs. Joseph Jones, Corresponding Secretary. The Southern Memorial Association, Fayetteville, Ark.; Mrs. Lizzie Pollard, President; Miss Julia A. Garside, Recording Secretary; Miss Sue H. Walker, Corresponding Secretary. At Attucks, Crispus, 157. Barn-burners, Sheridan's, 98. Bartlett, General William F., 47, 207. Barton Jr., Lieut David R., 69. Beale, General R. L. T., 253. Beauregard, General P. G. T., 287; at Drewry's Bluff and Petersburg, 318. Behan, Mrs. W. J 380. Benton, Thomas A., Views of, 163. Bermuda Hundred, 330. Bernard, George S., 204. Bingen on the Rhine, 350. Birthday of Lee, poem 238. Blackford. Lieutenant L. M., 70. Blakemore, The Bravest, 49 Bledsoe, Albert
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