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Arnold Elzey (search for this): chapter 1.2
nted Pennsylvania. 27. Lieutenant-General. October 10, 1862. Commanding Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. Resigned May 18, 1864. On resigning May, 1864, Pemberton went back to his rank (lieutenant-colonel of artillery) in the regular Confederate States army, and was put in charge of heavy artillery around Richmond. Arthur M. Rutledge. 922. Born Tennessee. Appointed Tennessee. 32. Major, August 27, 1862. Chief of ordnance, Polk's Corps, Army of Mississippi. Arnold Elzey. 923. Born Maryland. Appointed Maryland. 33 Major-General, December 4, 1862. Commanding First Brigade Ewell's Division, Army of Northern Virginia, desperately wounded; later commanded the Department of Richmond. William H. T. Walker. 936. Born Georgia. Appointed Georgia. 46. Major-General, May 27, 1863. Commanded division in Longstreet's Corps, Army of Tennessee, 1863-‘64; killed July 22, 1864, in front of Atlanta, Ga. Robert H. Chilton. 938. Born Virginia. A
Addison H. Lane (search for this): chapter 1.2
rn Georgia. Appointed Georgia. 16. James H. Hill. 1699. Born Maine. Appointed New York. 23. Robert C. Hill. 1709. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 33. Colonel, commanding Forty-eighth North Carolina Infantry, Cooke's Brigade, A. P. Hill's Division, Jackson's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 1856. Charles C. Lee. 1714. Born South Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 4. Colonel, January, 1863. Commanding Thirty-seventh North Carolina Infantry, Lane's Brigade, Pender's Division, Third Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Killed June 27, 1862, at Gaines' Mill, Va. Hylan B. Lyon.* 1729. Born Kentucky. Appointed Kentucky. 19. Brigadier-General, June 14, 1864. Commanding cavalry brigade, Forrest's Division, Army of Tennessee; then Commanding Department of Kentucky. Lunsford L. Lomax.* 1731. Born Rhode Island. Appointed at Large. 21. Major-General, August 1o, 1864. Commanding division in cavalry corps, Army of Northern V
Lloyd J. Beall (search for this): chapter 1.2
1861 commanding Army of Peninsula; in 1862 commanding division in Army of Northern Virginia; later commanding Department of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Albert T. Bledsoe. 502. Born Kentucky. Appointed Kentucky. 16. Assistant Secretary of War and Chief of the Bureau of War, colonel, June 23, 1861. Meriwether L. Clark. 609. Born Missouri. Appointed Missouri. 23. Colonel and A. D. C., July 17, 1862. A. D. C. to General Braxton Bragg, Army of the Mississippi. Lloyd J. Beall. 611. Born Rhode Island. Appointed Maryland. 25. Colonel, May 23, 1861. Commanding Confederate States Marine Corps. William C. Heyward. 612. Born New York. Appointed New York. 26. Colonel, commanding Twelfth South Carolina Volunteers and Fort Walker, Port Royal, S. C. Died September, 1863. 1831. Albert M. Lea. 633. Born Tennessee. Appointed Tennessee. 5. Lieutenant-Colonel, January, 1863. Engineer officer to Brigadier-General H. P. Bee. Lucius B. Nort
Appointed Tennessee. 10. Major-General, March 10, 1862. Commanded Division in Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. Richard S. Ewell. 1029. Born District of Columbia. Appointed Virginia. 13. Lieutenant-General, May 23, 1863. Commanded Second (Jackson's old) Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. James G. Martin. 1030. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 14. Brigadier-General, May 17, 1862. Adjutant-General of North Carolina in 1861; afterward commanding brigade, Hoke's Division, Army of Northern Virginia. Bushrod R. Johnson. 1039. Born Ohio. Appointed Ohio. 23. Major-General, May 24, 1864. In 1862 and 1863 commanded brigade in Army of West; in 1864 commanded division Beauregard's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Reuben P. Campbell. 1043. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 27. Colonel, 186r. Commanded Seventh Regiment, North Carolina State Troops, New Berne, N. C. Killed June 27, 1862, at Gaine's Mill, Va. William S
John B. Villepigue (search for this): chapter 1.2
Department, War Office, Richmond, Va. John T. Shaaff. 1531. Born District Columbia. Appointed District Columbia. 38. Captain, A. C. subsistence General Villepigue's staff, District of Mississippi. Lawrence S. Baker. 1535. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 42. Brigadier-General, July 23, 1863. arolina. 19. Major-General, May 27, 1863. Commanding division, A. P. Hill's Corp's, Army of Northern Virginia. Killed July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg. John B. Villepigue. 1652. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 23. Brigadier-General, March 13, 1862. Commanding Second Brigade, First Division, Army of Mia Battalion of Infantry. George O. Watts.* 1964. Born Kentucky. Appointed Kentucky. 32. Lieutenant, Confederate States Army. Engineer officer to General Villepigue, Fourth Sub. District, District of Mississippi. Frank A. Reynolds. 1965. Born Virginia. Appointed New Mexico. 33. Lieutenant-Colonel Thirty-nint
Robert P. Maclay (search for this): chapter 1.2
on Beauregard's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Reuben P. Campbell. 1043. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 27. Colonel, 186r. Commanded Seventh Regiment, North Carolina State Troops, New Berne, N. C. Killed June 27, 1862, at Gaine's Mill, Va. William Steele. 1047. Born New York. Appointed New York. 31. Brigadier-General, September 12, 1862. Commanding (1863) Indian Territory; in 1864 commanding division of cavalry, Trans-Mississippi Department. Robert P. Maclay.* 1048. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pennsylvania. 32. Brigadier-General, 1865. Thomas Jordan. 1057. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 41. Brigadier-General, September 26, 1862. Chief-of-staff to General P. G. T. Beauregard. 1841. Smith Stansbury. 1062. Born Louisiana. Appointed Maryland. 4. Major, October 1, 1862, Ordnance Bureau, Richmond, Va. Josiah Gorgas. 1064. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed New York. 6. Brigadier-General, November 10, 186
Robert Randolph (search for this): chapter 1.2
1118. Born Kentucky. Appointed Kentucky. 8. Major-General, September 19, 1861. In 1861 commanded Second Corps, Army of the Potomac; early in 1862 commanded First Division under Joseph E. Johnston, Army of Virginia. When Johnston was severely wounded the command of the Army of Northern Virginia devolved upon Smith for a day. Lee was then ordered to assume chief command, as Smith was stricken down by severe illness; Smith was Acting Secretary of War in 1862 in the interregnum between Randolph and Seddon; he was then assigned Chief Engineer to Beauregard at Charleston, and later put in charge of the Etowah Iron-Works. Held various high commands. Resigned February 17, 1863, from Confederate States Army, but commanded Georgia State militia as major-general, and saw much active service in the Atlanta campaign of 1864 (and to the end), and was repeatedly commended in dispatches of General Joseph E. Johnston. Mansfield Lovell. 1119. Born District Columbia. Appointed Distric
Stephen D. Lee (search for this): chapter 1.2
orthern Virginia. Donald C. Stith. 1493. Born Turkey. Appointed Maryland. 44. Colonel, 1863. Staff of General Stephen D. Lee, Army of Tennessee. 1851. William T. Welcker. 1497. Born Tennessee. Appointed Tennessee. 4. Major, 552. Born Kentucky. Appointed Kentucky. 17. Brigadier-General, January 20, 1863. Commanding brigade of cavalry, Stephen D. Lee's Division, Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and Eastern Louisiana. Robert B. Thomas. 1553. Born Kentucky. . Commanding brigade, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Killed December 2, 1864, at Petersburg, Va. Stephen D. Lee.* 1647. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 17. Lieutenant-General, June 23, 1864. Various comma W. Holt. 1790. Born Alabama. Appointed Alabama. 31. Lieutenant-Colonel, Assistant Adjutant-General to Lieutenant-General S. D. Lee, commanding corps Army of Tennessee. Robert H. Anderson. 1794. Born Georgia. Appointed Georgia. 35.
George H. Thomas (search for this): chapter 1.2
Lieutenant-Colonel, First Florida Cavalry. Charles A. Fuller. 759. Born Massachusetts. Appointed Massachusetts. 10. Colonel, August 14, 1861. Commanding First Louisiana Regiment of Artillery. James F. Cooper. 766. Born New York. Appointed Pennsylvania. 17. Lieutenant-Colonel, Seventh Georgia Infantry. Thomas O. Barnwell. 772. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 23. No trace. (There were several Barnwells in Confederate States Army, but no trace of Thomas O.) Goode Bryan. 774. Born Georgia. Appointed Georgia. 25. Brigadier-General, August 31, 1863. Commanding Brigade Mc-Laws' Division, Longstreet's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. 1835. William H. Griffin. 812. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 27. Colonel, commanding Twenty-first Texas Infantry. Peter C. Gaillard. 814. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 29. Colonel, commanding Twenty-seventh South Carolina Infantry. James M.
Jeremy F. Gilmer (search for this): chapter 1.2
ommanding division in Ewell's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Alexander W. Reynolds. 975. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 35. Brigadier-General, September 14, 1862. Commanding Brigade, Stevenson's Division, Army of Tennessee. Carter L. Stevenson. 982. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 42. Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General, 1861; Brigadier-General, 1862; Major-General, October 10, 1862. Commanding division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. 1839. Jeremy F. Gilmer. 989. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 4. Major-General, August 16, 1863. Chief of Engineer Bureau. In 1863 second in command Department of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Alexander R. Lawton. 998. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 13. Brigadier-General, April 13, 1861. Commanded division in Jackson's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, second Quartermaster-General, Confederate States Army. Was desperately wounded at Sharpsburg (An
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