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United States (United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
and May 12, 1902.] Who served in the Confederate States Army, with the highest Commission and hitrace. (There were several Barnwells in Confederate States Army, but no trace of Thomas O.) Good 19. No trace. (Cullum says he was in Confederate States Army.) John C. Pemberton. 917. Borant-colonel of artillery) in the regular Confederate States army, and was put in charge of heavy artnted Mississippi. 23. President of the Confederate States. Thomas F. Drayton. 535. Born Sout17. No trace. (Cullum says he was in Confederate States Army.) Samuel S. Anderson. 1076. Bmands. Resigned February 17, 1863, from Confederate States Army, but commanded Georgia State militilina. 37. Lieutenant-Colonel (Captain Confederate States Army), August, 1861. In 1861 Captain aand 1863 Aidede-Camp to the President of Confederate States; in 1864 and 1865 commanding troops for Appointed at Large. 11. Lieutenant, Confederate States Army, 1861. Assistant to Chief of Artil[25 more...]<
Connecticut (Connecticut, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
-General's Department, War Office, Richmond, Va. John T. Shaaff. 1531. Born District Columbia. Appointed District Columbia. 38. Captain, A. C. subsistence General Villepigue's staff, District of Mississippi. Lawrence S. Baker. 1535. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 42. Brigadier-General, July 23, 1863. Commanding Second Military District, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia. 1862. Joseph C. Ives. 1540. Born New York. Appointed Connecticut. 5. Colonel, Aide-de-Camp to President of Confederate States, Richmond, Va. George B. Anderson. 1545. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 1o. Brigadier-General, June 9, 1862. Commanding brigade, D. H. Hill's Division, Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Mortally wounded September 17, 1862, at Sharpsburg; died October 16, 1862, at Raleigh, N. C. Henry Deveuve. 1547. Born Louisiana. Appointed New Jersey. 12. Captain, Engineer officer to Major-Gen
Edgefield (Tennessee, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
aign in Middle Tennessee, in the Chickamauga-Chattanooga campaign, battles of Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge, 1863. In the Dalton-Atlanta Campaign of 1864; fought the battle of New Hope Church, May 25, 1864. Lieutenant-General, June, 1864, in command of the Army of the Mississippi, afterwards reorganized and known as Stewart's Corps. In battle of Peach Tree Creek, July 20th, and battle of Mt. Ezra Church, July 28th. In Hood's campaign into Tennessee, and in battles of Franklin and Nashville, November and December, 1864. After Hood's retirement, was in command of the Army of Tennessee to the close of the war. United with General Joseph E. Johnston's Army in North Carolina in February, 1865, and battle of Cole's Farm. Martin L. Smith. 1126. Born New York. Appointed New York. 16. Major-General, November 4, 1863. Commanding division at Vicksburg (1863); after exchange, Chief of Engineers, Department of Gulf. In January, 1865, assigned Chief Engineer, Department of t
Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
1834. William T. Stockton. 757. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pensylvania. 8. Lieutenant-Cooper. 766. Born New York. Appointed Pennsylvania. 17. Lieutenant-Colonel, Seventh Georgia on. 917. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pennsylvania. 27. Lieutenant-General. October 10, 1862rtment. Robert P. Maclay.* 1048. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pennsylvania. 32. BrigadierPennsylvania. 32. Brigadier-General, 1865. Thomas Jordan. 1057. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 41. Brigadier-Genchmond, Va. Josiah Gorgas. 1064. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed New York. 6. Brigadier-Gene47. Daniel L. Beltzhoover. 1342. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed at Large. 12. Lieutenant-Coa, 1862. Thomas Bingham.* 1478. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pennsylvania. 29. WilliamPennsylvania. 29. William L. Cabell.* 1482. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 33. Brigadier-General, January 20, 1863.s. 1827. Born Pennsylvania. Appointed Pennsylvania. 3. Colonel, commanding Fifteenth Virgini[7 more...]
Atlanta (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
ordnance, Polk's Corps, Army of Mississippi. Arnold Elzey. 923. Born Maryland. Appointed Maryland. 33 Major-General, December 4, 1862. Commanding First Brigade Ewell's Division, Army of Northern Virginia, desperately wounded; later commanded the Department of Richmond. William H. T. Walker. 936. Born Georgia. Appointed Georgia. 46. Major-General, May 27, 1863. Commanded division in Longstreet's Corps, Army of Tennessee, 1863-‘64; killed July 22, 1864, in front of Atlanta, Ga. Robert H. Chilton. 938. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 48. Brigadier-General, December 21, 1863. Chief of staff, Army of Northern Virginia. Resigned on account of ill-health, April I, 1864. Lewis G. Derussy. 96. Born New York. Appointed New York. 6. Colonel Second Louisiana Infantry, Army Peninsula, 1861; colonel of engineers, December 1, 1861. Major-General Polk's Army of Mississippi; chief engineer, 1862, District of West Louisiana. On engineer duty Trans-
Barkers Creek (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
and projectiles for Confederate States Army. Christopher Q. Tompkins. 868. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 27. Colonel, Twenty-second Virginia Volunteers, April 30, 1861. Commanding brigade in Southwest Virginia under (I) Wise, (2) Floyd. Resigned in 1862, and served in Ordnance Bureau. Lloyd Tilghman. 867. Born Maryland. Appointed Maryland. 46. Brigadier-General, October 18, 1861. Commanding division of First Corps, Army of Tennessee. Killed May 16, 1863, at Barker's Creek, Miss. 1837. Braxton Bragg. 895. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 5 General, April 12, 1862. Commanding Corps. Army of Mississippi; then commanding Army of the West; then Army of Tennessee; on February 24, 1864, assigned to duty at seat of government, to direct military operations of all the armies of the Confederacy. William W. MacKALLall. 898. Born District of Columbia. Appointed Maryland. 8. Brigadier-General, March 6, 1862. Chief of staff,
Pine Mountain (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
Appointed Kentucky. 4. Colonel of artillery, August 20, 1861. Commanding Tenth North Carolina Artillery. Leonidas Polk. 477. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 8. Lieutenant-General, October 10, 1862. Commanding Army of Mississippi; then corps (Army of Mississippi) in Army of Tennessee. Polk's Army Mississippi, was commonly known as Polk's Corps when it joined army of Tennessee; sometimes officially called Polk's Corps d'armee. Killed June 14, 1864, on Pine Mountain, Georgia. Gabriel J. Rains. 482. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 13. Brigadier-General, September 23, 1861. (1st) In charge Bureau of Conscription (‘62); (2d) chief of torpedo service (‘64). 1828. Hugh W. Mercer. 510. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 3. Brigadier-General, October 29, 1861. (1st) Commanding at Savannah, Ga.; (2d) commanding brigade in W. H. T. Walker's Division, Army of Tennessee. Joseph L. Locke. 515. Born Maine. Appointe
Meadow Mills (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
rginia, in 1862. William W. M'Creery. 1857. Born Virginia. Appointed at Large. 11. Lieutenant, Confederate States Army, 1861. Assistant to Chief of Artillery, Pemberton's staff, Department of Mississippi. Killed July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg. Stephen D. Ramseur. 1860. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 14. Major-General, June 1, 1864. Commanding division, Second Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Died October 21, 1864, of wounds received October 19th at Cedar Creek. John M. Kerr. 1865. Born North Carolina. Appointed North Carolina. 19. Died in 1861 in North Carolina. John R. B. Burtwell. 1870. Born Alabama. Appointed Alabama. 24. Colonel, commanding Eleventh Alabama Cavalry, Roddey's Brigade, District of Northern Alabama. Wade H. Gibbes.* 1874. Born South Carolina. Appointed South Carolina. 28. Major, 1864, commanding Gibbes's Battalion, Artillery Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Frank Huger. 1877. Born Vi
Mount Crawford (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
pointed New York. 4. Brigadier-General, August 28, 1864. Chief Engineer Richmond defences, 1862-‘63; in 1863-‘64 commanding Richmond defences; 1864 Chief Engineer, Army of Northern Virginia. William E. Jones. 1378. Born Virginia. Appointed Virginia. 1o. Brigadier-General, September 19, 1862. Commanded Cavalry Brigade in Army of Northern Virginia; 1862 commanding Valley District; commanding cavalry in 1863 in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. Killed June 5, 1864, at Mt. Crawford, Va. Thomas S. Rhett. 1382. Born South Carolina. Appointed at Large. 14. Colonel, 1861. Commanding Richmond defences; Inspector of Ordnance, Ordnance Bureau. Charles H. Tyler. 1391. Born Virginia. Appointed at Large. 23. Colonel. Commanding brigade, Shelby's Division, Price's Army, Trans-Mississippi Department. (Cullum confounds C. H. Tyler with Brigadier-General R. C. Tyler, killed near West Point, Ga., April 16, 1865.) John C. Booth. 1392. Born Georgia. Ap<
Hopkinsville, Ky. (Kentucky, United States) (search for this): chapter 1.2
Brigadier-General, 1862. Commanded brigade in Army of West; later commanded brigade in Department of Alabama and Western Florida. Lucius L. Rich. 1628. Born Missouri. Appointed Missouri. 50. Died August, 1862, at Mobile, Ala., of wounds received in the battle of Shiloh. Reuben R. Ross. 1629. Born Tennessee. Appointed Tennessee. 51. Brigadier-General (temporary rank), 1864. Commanding cavalry brigade, Wheeler's Corps, Army of Tennessee. Killed De cember 16, 1864, at Hopkinsville, Va. 1854. G. W. Custis Lee.* 1631. Born Virginia. Appointed at Large. I. Major-General, October 20, 1864. In 1861, 1862, and 1863 Aidede-Camp to the President of Confederate States; in 1864 and 1865 commanding troops for local defence of Richmond. James Deshler. 1637. Born Alabama. Appointed Alabama. 7. Brigadier-General, July 28, 1863. Commanding Texas Brigade, Cleburne's Division, D. H. Hill's Corps, Army of Tennessee. Killed September 20, 1863, at Chickama
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