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Robert E. Lee 174 0 Browse Search
Lynchburg (Virginia, United States) 172 6 Browse Search
South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 158 0 Browse Search
Georgia (Georgia, United States) 142 0 Browse Search
James 135 1 Browse Search
North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) 132 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 128 0 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 116 2 Browse Search
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George H. Zimmerman (search for this): chapter 1.37
s. Second Lieutenant, Edgar Hill. Second Lieutenant, M. A. Febry. Acted as Quartermaster and Commissary of the Battery. Died at Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers' Home, Pikesville, Md. Dr. William H. Murray, Assistant-Surgeon. Rev. George H. Zimmerman, Chaplain. Non-commissioned officers. Sergeant-Major of Battalion Stuart Horse Artillery, Elijah T. Russell. Promoted from Private in Breathed's Battery. Killed in Luray Valley, Va. Sergeant-Major, Battalion Stuart Horse Artilrd, Frank. Wagner, Harry. Wounded at Beverly Ford, Va., June 9, 1863. Weeks, Henry. Wile, Daniel L. Wilson, Charles. Yates, T. Frank. Shot on the nose at Carlisle, Pa., July 1, 1863. Young (Georgia). Wounded June 9, 1863. Zimmerman, William. Recapitulation. Commissioned officers. Captains,4 Lieutenants,6 Assistant Surgeon,1 Chaplain,1 —12 Non-commisioned officers and privates. Orderly Sergeants,2 Color-Bearer,1 Sergeants,4 Corporals,6 Buglers
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