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Hetty F. Wait (search for this): chapter 22
The committees. AT a special meeting held one Saturday evening just before the summer vacation a plan of work was brought forward by President Wait and met a very favorable reception. It was, in brief, to invite each member of the Society to join one or more of the standing committees and assist in the work of such committees. As a farther step towards vitalizing the committees it was proposed that each one of them should have certain Saturday evenings assigned to it for report and discussion of its work or of some phase thereof. The informal Saturday evening gatherings around the hearthstone have long been one of the pleasantest features of the Society for the few who have participated in them. The president's plan will, it is hoped, encourage a larger attendance, and increase the interest in these Saturday evening gatherings, thus developing the social side of the Society's life and correspondingly enlivening the interest in its more serious work. In accordance with this