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hat where lands are fenced in, to stake out the road at least four rods wide, and where the land was low and wet, there to lay out the same six or more rods in breadth. . . . April 7, 1674. The committee to lay out the highway between Mistick bridge and Woburn made its report. It is impossible to tell from the description where this way was located; such landmarks as the Halfway swamp, Bare Hill, and Elbow Hill are mentioned. It probably includes substantially the laying out of the year 1646, and is no doubt the way from Woburn to Cradock bridge as it exists at the present day, through North Winthrop, Woburn, High, and Main streets. On the above-mentioned day the committee appointed to settle the highway between Cambridge and Malden made its report: From the new County road by the Slate Hill, over the sorrelly plain through Mr. Winthrop's farm to the road leading to Mistick Bridge, and from there over Gravelly Bridge, and to the left over the plains to Malden. A portion of th
h of the 7th month, 1646, Edward Convers and Samuel Richardson are appointed to lay out a highway between this town and Mistick Bridge, being joined with some of Charlestown, and some of Mistick House. Of the doings of this committee, or from what source their authority emanated, we are unable to determine (probably from the County Court). It is interesting, however, to note that the town of Medford was represented by some of Mistick House. (The County Courts were established in the year 1643; the records of Middlesex commence in the year 1649.) June 21, 1659, the records of the County Court say that The Court doth order that 4 persons, indifferently chosen, two of them in Watertown and two in Charlestown, to lay out the highway between Cambridge and Medford. This location cannot be determined; probably by the way of the mill on Mistick river, and very likely the first laying out of Grove street. On June 16, 1663, a committee was appointed by the County Court to lay out a h
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