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Matthew Cradock 34 0 Browse Search
Turell Tufts 34 0 Browse Search
Henry Withington 29 1 Browse Search
Charles Brooks 28 2 Browse Search
John Brooks 27 1 Browse Search
Aaron Kimball Hathaway 26 0 Browse Search
Francis Green 22 0 Browse Search
New England (United States) 20 0 Browse Search
ARON Kimball Hathaway 18 0 Browse Search
Concord (Massachusetts, United States) 18 0 Browse Search
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In the interest of Accuracy. There should have been mentioned on page 2 of this volume, a two story gambrel roofed house standing end to High street between the Governor Brooks house and the big tree. This house was afterward removed to Mystic avenue. Also on page 22, the fire engine house should have been located between the cottage painted straw color and the old Grace church. We hope some time to present a series of old photos of this locality subsequent to 1870. Since our last issue the ruined house next Mystic street (page 18) has been taken down and is no longer a blot on the scene. editor.