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in Brooks' History of Medford. These views are worth a careful study. They show a sturdy character, sensible and careful construction, architectural taste, both elaborate and modest, in all. In that of the Second Congregational Meetinghouse, 1824, we find the first of the storied steeples built in Medford. Note the colonnaded front with its wreathed entablature; also the consoles under the sloping roof cornice. But we see none of this upon the sides of the structure. Its windows show ci bought by the town (in ‘70), with its associated and former political bell, where they still remain in service. Previously, both had been in the tower of the High street edifice, erected in 1860, replacing the Second Congregational Meetinghouse, 1824, burned in 1860. Sold to the Roman Catholics, little change was made in exterior, only the closing of the louvers of the belfry and the substitution of a gilded cross for the weather-vane on the spire. It was told that a bit of pleasant repartee
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