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ways, as the tints ebbed out like a celestial tide, leaving fragments of scarlet clouds over the heavens — the embers of the fire which had lit the prairie in a flame of glory. There was such a quiet, unspeakable richness in this grand farewell of day — such a terrible redness about the sky at last, that one could almost fancy some supernatural phenomenon had occurred, that the sun had gone forever, and left a deep and gory wound across the darkening sky. Night was a relief compared to this dread, lurid fire in heaven — a fire which the clouds seemed to close in upon, and stifle out with difficulty --a fire which, like the paintings of the sunset before the Deluge, left always an ominous anger in the heavens, even when the night was far advanced, and the prairie clothed in a blue mist which rose over it like water. It was such a sunset as moved the rural inhabitants of Dwight; such a sunset as even the "oldest inhabitant," who had been there some five years, had never seen befo