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Windsor Castle (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): article 11
Queen Victoria's stables --A recent letter, describing Windsor Castle, says: Before going into the interior of the Castle, we were shown the Queen's stables-- "Mews," as they call them there. These, as may be imagined, are on a scale corresponding with the extravagance of royalty. She keeps three hundred horses, part of which are now in London, as she is sojourning for the present at Buckingham Palace. All of these here were greys except the fancy ponies. One of the latter is a beautiful milk-white animal, as clean and nice as soap, water, and currying can make him. He is a pet of the Queen's, and she has a small carriage in which she drives him herself around the gardens. There were also four of the tiniest bay ponies, which the Princess Alice herself drives, four-in-hand, in a small carriage. These, with six others, were a present from the King of Sardinia. The name of each is inscribed on a plate of marble in his stall, on one of which "Victor," and on another "Em