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A thunder storm in January. --The Hartford (Conn.) Times, of Wednesday, mentions the following meteorological phenomenon: At about twenty-five minutes past 1 o'clock to-day, peals of thunder, accompanied with dazzling flashes of lightning, commenced, the peals and flashes increasing in intensity. The exhibition continued for some time. Some of the weather-wise say it betokens cold weather. At any rate, it is a remarkable occurrence.
January 17th (search for this): article 1
ls in the United States Court in this city, three persons, one a deputy United States Marshal, and the other two Kentuckians, acting for the owner, were arrested and indicted for a penitentiary offence for arresting a fugitive slave under the law of Congress for the rendition of fugitives from service." It was framed and has the effect to nullify the fugitive slave law of Congress. The Border States proposition. New York, Jan. 18.--A meeting of prominent merchants was held here this afternoon, when a memorial to Congress was adopted recommending the adoption of the compromise plan proposed by the Border States' Representatives. Boston, Jan. 17.--Petitions to Congress will be signed to-morrow in all the wards of this city approving of the plan of adjustment of the Border States' Committee. A patriotic editor. The publication of the Kingstree (S. C.) Star has been suspended. The editor, foreman and printers have all taken up arms in the service of the State.
January 17th (search for this): article 3
The proposed attack on Ft. Pickens--prompt action in Florida. New Orleans, Jan. 17. --The Mayor replied to Gov. Chase that 2,000 men could be raised in 48 hours, if Florida would equip them. The Governor of Florida answered "send them immediately." There is considerable excitement here.--Meetings will be held to-morrow. New Orleans, Jan. 19.--The pilots at Pensacola have been notified not to bring in U. S. vessels, on penalty of death. A ship is ashore fifteen miles east of Fort Pickens, supposed to be the supply storeship with officers of the navy-yard aboard. Lieut. Slimmer, commanding Fort Pickens, expected to surrender the Florida forts, save twenty-five heavy guns.
January 17th (search for this): article 41
tockton, Chaplain of the House of Representatives at Washington, has been called home to Philadelphia by the death of a son. A bill has been introduced in the Senate of North Carolina to repeal so much of the Constitution of the State as prohibits Israelites from holding office. The Wilmington (N. C.) Journal says letters from Raleigh represent it as doubtful whether the Legislature will pass any Convention Bill, Things look queer. A son of Wm. M. Robinson was shot by an intemperate man named Barrett, in Petersburg, on Thursday night, but not seriously injured. The anniversary of Franklin's birth--the 17th January --was handsomely celebrated by the printers in the Northern cities. Gen. Harvey has been challenged by a late officer of the army. They are both in Washington. On Monday night the Temperance Hall at Church Hill, Queen Anne's county, Md., was destroyed by fire. Joseph Jefferson, the comedian, commences an engagement in Washington to-night.
January 18th (search for this): article 1
A petition praying for the adoption of the Crittenden propositions by Congress, bearing nearly 6,000 names, has been forwarded to Washington. St, Louis, January 18.--In the House yesterday Mr. Stevenson's substitute for the Convention bill, asking Congress to call a National Convention, was lost--104 to 12. Mr. Lacey'srce in any form against the seceding States, and asks appropriations for arming and equipping a volunteer militia. Important from Louisiana. New Orleans, Jan. 18.--The programme for Louisiana's secession is already agreed upon by the leading members of the Convention.--Arrangements are being perfected among the seced of fugitives from service." It was framed and has the effect to nullify the fugitive slave law of Congress. The Border States proposition. New York, Jan. 18.--A meeting of prominent merchants was held here this afternoon, when a memorial to Congress was adopted recommending the adoption of the compromise plan proposed
January 18th (search for this): article 12
Loss of the brig Quickstep. New York, Jan. 18. --The British brig Quickstep, from Trinidad for London, was abandoned at sea. The captain and four of the crew were brought here by the ship. Flora Southard. The rest of the crew, four in number, were washed overboard and drowned.
January 18th (search for this): article 13
Sale of a Railroad. Milwaukee, Jan. 18. --The Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad was sold to-day by the Marshal, on the order of the U. S. District Court, and was purchased by the trustees of the creditors and assenting stockholders.
January 19th (search for this): article 1
Important from Georgia.secession of the Empire State ofthe South.enthusiasm of the people. Milledgeville, Jan. 19. --The State Convention, at 10 minutes past 2 o'clock, passed the ordinance of immediate secession by a vote of 208 to 89. It will be made nearly unanimous. The Convention adopted the following ordinance to dissolve the union between the State of Georgia and the other States united with her under a compact entitled the Constitution of the United States: "We, the that the union now subsisting between the State of Georgia and the other States, under the name of the United States of America, is hereby dissolved; and that the State of Georgia is in the full possession and exercise of all those rights of sovereignty which belong and appertain to a free and independent State. Augusta, Jan. 19.--Our city is illuminated with fire-works, and cannon are firing in honor of the secession of the State. Bells are ringing amid great enthusiasm and rejoicing.
January 19th (search for this): article 10
Arrival of the Steamer Asia.further European advices. New York, Jan, 19th. --The steamer Asia, from Liverpool on the 5th inst., arrived below last night, but was detained on account of ice in the bay until this morning. Four screw steamers from New York were over due at Liverpool when the Asia sailed. The steamers Marathon and City of Washington have been substituted for the steamers Kedar and Vigo. The Cork "Examiner" starts a rumor that the Prince of Wales is to be Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, but it was not credited. It was reported that the British Government had sent a strong note to France against an extension of the French occupation of Syria. The ship Ohio, from New Orleans, bound to Liverpool, was spoken on the 17th ult., in a damaged condition, having had to throw part of her cargo overboard. It was reported that the correspondence between France and England, relative to the French fleet before Gaeta, was of an unsatisfactory character.
January 19th (search for this): article 11
South Carolina. Charleston, Jan. 19. --Lieut. Talbot, Col. Anderson's messenger from Washington, arrived here last night, with gloomy tidings, it is said. The Legislature was in secret session nearly the entire night on the subject. This morning a white flag came from Fort Sumter, the object of which, it is stated, is to demand a suspension of work on the fortifications in the harbor. Lieut. Davis, with four men, is now in the city. The soldiers are witnesses in a murder case, and Lieut. Davis is being entertained by his friends. He drinks to a peaceable settlement of the difficulties. Fort Sumter is allowed to procure fresh provisions from our market daily.
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