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South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 34 0 Browse Search
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Georgia (Georgia, United States) 24 0 Browse Search
Robert Brannon 20 0 Browse Search
Maryland (Maryland, United States) 18 0 Browse Search
Louisiana (Louisiana, United States) 18 0 Browse Search
Henrico (Virginia, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
W. Lee 14 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 14 0 Browse Search
Robert Anderson 12 0 Browse Search
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Washington Lynch (search for this): article 6
Horrible accident. --In St. Louis, on Saturday afternoon, Washington Lynch, a tinner who was just finishing his week's work, was instantly killed by falling from the fifth story of the building on which he was employed.--The News says: Taking a board, he placed it obliquely out of the window, the farther end of it resting against the spot which he wished to reach.--To secure the plank in its place, he put an upright joist on the end that was inside the building, one extremity of the joist resting on the board, and the other against the upper floor. With only this slight platform to separate him from the solid pavement that lay seventy feet beneath him, he walked out to his work. The plank stood firm until he reached the end, which was some six feet from the building, when he leaned over to reach the pipe. The weight of his body bearing against the oblique incline of the board, forced it back to a straight line, and flying in an instant from beneath his feet, it precipita