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January, 7 AD (search for this): article 19
We understand that the City Alms-House will be entirely completed and ready for occupancy by the 1st of July. By it the facilities for properly managing and taking care of the different classes of destitute persons who may seek shelter within its walls, is greatly increased. The male and female paupers will be kept separate, and the Superintendent, if he chooses, can make a distinction even in the degree of comfort attainable by those who seek such a refuge ex necessitate, and those who willingly ask the shelter of its protecting roof while abundantly able to earn an honest livelihood, if so inclined. If labor is held up to the gaze of some of the inmates of the present "Poor-House," though stalwart and able of body, they would fly from the premises instanter. The project of uniting a work-house to the City Jail, which sometime since culminated in the expenditure of a considerable amount of city funds, terminated in a complete fizzle, so far as the ends sought to be obtained