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pet; but these merely appeared as bright spots on the dark background of the Elizabethan wood-work.--Many lights were burning, but the blackness of the walls and roof seemed absolutely to swallow up their rays, like the mouth of a cavern. A hundred candles could not have given that apartment the cheerful lightness of a modern drawing-room. But the gloomy richness of the panels matched well with the ruddy gleam from the enormous wood fire, in which, crackling, and glowing, now lay the mighty Yule log. Quite a blood-red lustre poured forth from the fire, and quivered on the walls and the groined roof. We had gathered round the vast antique hearth in a wide circle. The quivering light of the fire and candles fell upon us all, but not equally, for some were in the shadow. I remember still how tall and manly and handsome Reginald looked that night, taller by the head than any there, and full of high spirits and gaiety. I, too, was in the highest spirits; never had my bosom felt lighte
C. T. Wortham (search for this): article 1
Arrived, Steamer Virginia, Kelly, Philadelphia, mdze. and passengers, C. P. Cardozo. Schr. Gallego, Smith, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Julia Main, Preston, (18 days,) Attakapas, sugar and molasses, C. T. Wortham & Co. Schr. J. W. L. Sturgess, Scott, Eastern Shore, oats and potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Schr. Jenny Lind, Gausegan, Eastern Shore, oats and potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Schr. Andrew Armstrong, Matthews, Norfolk, plaster, Libby & Burton. Sailed, Schr. Burdett Hart, Harding, Rio, flour, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co. Schr. Industry, --, down the river, light. Memoranda. Sailed in company schr. Julia Main schr. Wm. Paxton for this port, January 31, off Sombrero Key. Spoke schr. Ross, from Matanzas, for Boston.
ow of Norfolk City, and Johnston of Lee and Scott. Mr. Stuart asked to be excused from service as he was a member of the Senate as well this body, and would be compelled to neglect his duties there if he were to give the attention to this committee that its importance demanded. He was excused, and Mr. Baldwin, of Augusta, was appointed in his place. Mr. Clemens also asked to be excused from saving, on the ground of physical disability. The request was granted, and Mr. Jackson, of Wood, was appointed instead. The President announced the Committee on Elections as follows: Messrs. Haymond of Marion, Goggin of Bedford, Brown of Preston, Chambliss of Greensville and Sussex, Caperion of Monroe, Ambler of Louisa, Gray of Rockbridge, Hunton of Prince William, Campbell of Washington, Treadway of Pittsylvania, Hall of Lancaster, Sheffey of Smythe, and Patrick of Kanawha. The President submitted a package of election returns, which were referred to the appropriate committee
Accident. --On Saturday, a barge lying loaded at Blackwater, Suffolk county, Va., sprang a leak and sank very suddenly, the captain and crew having barely time to escape. She had in 2,500 bushels of corn for Mr. Wood, and 500 for Mr. Geo. A. Wilson, of Norfolk county. The loss is probably not less than $1,000.
P. F. Wolfe (search for this): article 5
Alleged Forgery. --Franklin Richmond, a white man, was arraigned before the Recover on Saturday, charged with forging H. M. Smith's name to two orders--one on A. E. & P. F. Wolfe for $15 worth of clothing, and the other on John M. Higgins, Franklin street, for $2 worth of groceries. On information furnished him, officer Blankinship committed the accused to the first station-house last Friday evening. The Recorder declined to proceed with the examination, on account of the absence of material witnesses. The case will be heard again on the 25th inst.
Affairs of honor. --A duel was fought in Georgia, on the 8th inst., between Edwin Hart, editor of the Tallahassee (Fia.) Sentinel, and a gentleman named Coleman, in which both parties were killed. Rev. Wm.W. Walker and J. E. R. Crabb were arrested in Westmoreland county, Va., last week, and bound over not to fight a duel, which had been arranged to come off with rifles. The difficulty originated in politics.
O. Jennings Wise (search for this): article 1
Messrs, Imboden and Harman, read yesterday by Mr. Wise, and said he had since read it himself. The on that there was a movement on foot to place Mr. Wise in the Gubernatorial chair. The information he spoke alluded solely to the fact that he, Mr. Wise had been telegraphed to. When they expressed ng several signatures, designed to be sent to Mr. Wise, in these words: "Your hearts think your servMessrs. Conrad of Frederick, Stuart of Augusta, Wise at Princess Anne, Scott of Fauquier, Preston ofo idea of being hurried into any action. Mr. Wise thought this Convention, created by the Legis would be cheap lands and a new population. Mr.Wise went on to allude to the mineral treasures of Vave no authority to say where I will go. Mr. Wise said, he stated it as an inference from his ro drive them out. Mr. Moore.--Agreed. Mr. Wise.--Will he assist in driving out those who arewas before or after the fourth of March. Mr. Wise.--Too late. Mr. Moore did not mean to be
O. Jennings Wise (search for this): article 3
occasion I allude to was one of great interest and novelty to me, being quite a young man. When I entered the hall Mr. Wise was speaking. I shall never forget his appearance. His stand was on the right of the Speaker; Mr. Adams' on the left. Mr. Wise was pouring hot shot into the abolition ranks generally, and into Adams particularly. It was the first time I had heard Mr. Wise. He was then in his prime. He wore his hair long; he was dressed in a plain suit of black, and he seemed to Mr. Wise. He was then in his prime. He wore his hair long; he was dressed in a plain suit of black, and he seemed to address himself to Mr. Adams and not to the Speaker. I can never forget that fierce-flashing eye; that long, bony finger, shaking tremblingly into the very face of the old lion; and, as the burning, hissing hot words of sarcasm and defiance rolled o feet and cried, "Mr. Speaker," and was about to proceed, when he was called Justify to order, and had to take his seat. "Wise, turning to him, coolly said, be still, old man, I have a few more shot in the locker for you," and proceeded; and of all
O. J. Wise (search for this): article 1
The Convention. In the State Convention, on Saturday, Mr. Stuart, of Augusta, made a personal explanation touching the letter read by Mr. Wise on the day previous. A Committee on Federal Relations, with Mr. Conrad, of Frederick, as Chairman, was appointed, and a Committee on Elections, of which Mr. Hatmond is Chairman. Quite a large number of resolutions, relating to the National troubles, were introduced and referred to the Committee on Federal Relations. Several speeches were made in which there were strong foreshadowing of the course to be pursued by the leaders in the Convention. The Southern Commissioners will be received to-day, and no spectators will be admitted except those who receive tickets. This rule, however, does not apply to the ladies, who will be admitted as usual.
The cannel Coal business ruined. --The discovery of immense reservoirs of oil under ground, needing only the use of an auger to render it available, has utterly ruined the cannel coal business. The works in this county and Taylor are lying unfinished and idle. Meanwhile hundreds and thousands of persons are making money out of the oil business in our neighboring counties. Coopers are in great demand, it being found impossible to have barrels made as fast as they are needed. In a word, oil is the source from whence Wirt and Ritchie and perhaps other counties are drawing vast sums of money.--Marion County Virginian.
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