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Republicans fighting among themselves. --A correspondent in Addison, Steuben co., N. Y., writes that the Republicans in that section are fighting among themselves like cats and dogs, over the anticipated spoils. They had agreed to meet at the village Engine House on the 2d inst., and vote for a candidate for Postmaster, the nomination of the successful man to be pressed upon the new Postmaster General. When the time came to vote, radicals discovered that the conservatives were out voting them two to one at least, and accordingly an adjournment was declared taken to a little lawyers office that could not hold half the voters. The conservatives insisted that the motion was not carried, whereupon the firemen, who voted with the radicals, manned their engine, and washed all the conservatives out of the Engine House. This put an end to the voting for the day, and it is understood that the whole of the proceedings were arranged beforehand, in view of the possible contingency that o
ursday evening, and determined to postpone action for a few days, until Mr. Seward's policy is developed. It seems to be generally understood that but a few days will elapse between the President's refusal to recognize them, (should that be the case,) and the storming of Fort Sumter. The formidable character of the undertaking may be well gathered from the following graphic grouping of the "obstacles" to success by the Charleston correspondent of the New Orleans Delta, who writes on the 26th ultimo: Very few, I apprehend, realize to their full extent the almost insurmountable difficulties which lie in the way of the reduction of its massive granite walls. In truth, with an adequate garrison, it can hardly be doubted that the Fort would be altogether impregnable to any force that the State of South Carolina would be able to bring against it. Even with the eighty-six men who now constitute the garrison to oppose them, I doubt whether there are many volunteer armies in the world
Forts Taylor and Jefferson Reinforced. --The steamer Daniel Webster, Capt. Minor, arrived at this port last evening, six days from New York, with Maj. Fitz, John Porter, Assistant Adjutant General, and Capt. Dawson, 1st Artillery, for Brazos Santiago, Texas, Capt. W. F. Smith, Top. Eng., on Lighthouse duty, and ninety recruits, sixty-two to fill up Capt. Brannan's company at Fort Taylor, and twenty-eight for Fort Jefferson, and company stores for both works.--Key West Key of the Gulf, Feb.23d.
ional Items by the Bremen --The Great Eastern Coming to Norfolk.--It has been decided that the steamer Great Eastern will sail for Norfolk, Virginia, where she will load with cotton, a cargo of which has been promised her. The steamer Australasian sailed on the 16th ult., but nothing has been heard of her since. The ship Galielmo arrived at Gravesend on the 19th, from Baltimore. A motion in the House of Commons, on the 19th ult., for more equality in assessing and levying the income tax, was carried by a majority against the Government. The Italian Parliament was opened by Victor Emmanuel in person on the 18th of February. The proclamation for the emancipation of the serfs of Russia would be issued on the 3d. Direct negotiations between the Banks of St. Petersburg and France for the exchange of 30,000,000 francs in gold for the same amount in silver, were in progress. Fresh disturbances have been commenced against the Christians in Cochin China.
March 6th (search for this): article 5
Rhode Island politics. Providence, March 6.--The Constitutional Union and Democratic Convention to-day nominated Wm. Sprague for Governor, and the rest of the present State officers. The Democrats also nominated George H. Browne for Congress, in the Western District.
March 8th (search for this): article 1
From Washington. Washington, March 8.--The President has accepted the resignations of Adjutant General Cooper and Assistant Adj't Gen. Withers.--It was rumored that Qr. Master Gen. Johnston, of Virginia, was about to resign, but he said this morning that the time for such a course had not yet arrived. The resignation of Gen.Cooper was accompanied with the regret that he was appointed from, and is a native of, New York. The Southern Confederacy is making overtures to some of the best officers in the service, and tendering them lucrative offices. Chas. Jones, late of the Register's Office, has left for the Southern capital, to take office there. The large crowd at the State Department this morning was much disappointed at the absence of Secretary Seward, who is detained at home by sickness. [second Dispatch.] Colonel Lorenzo Thomas has been appointed Adjutant General in place of Col. Cooper. Secretary Seward is quite unwell to-day. No official i
March 8th (search for this): article 3
Ex-Gov. Floyd. Washington, March 8.--Gov. Floyd has published a reply to the Committee's charges, relative to the Indian Trust Fund defalcation. He says the acceptances were merely in anticipation of the earnings of Major Russell & Co., and that only $600,000 of them were outstanding, and if the Government will permit their work of the present year to offset these acceptances, that sum can be liquidated without touching the property of the firm now assigned.
March 8th (search for this): article 4
From the South. New Orleans, March 8.--The Inaugural is generally regarded here as a declaration of war. The Legislature has passed resolutions approving of the course of Gen. Twiggs. Advices from Pensacola say Lieut. Slemmer is raising sand batteries east of Fort Pickens. The batteries opposite Warrington are being continued.
March 8th (search for this): article 6
Later from Europe. Portland, March 8.--The North Briton, with Liverpool dates to the 24th, has arrived. Commercial. Cotton dull — all qualities declined ¼d., but very irregular; the principal causes, extreme depression in trade, and want at Manchester, and high rates of interest. The stock in port was 790,000 bales, of which 600,000 were American
March 8th (search for this): article 7
Northern Markets. Baltimore, March 8.--Flour has a declining tendency, and is quoted at 12 lower — Howard and Ohio $5; no sales. Wheat steady — red $1.23@1.27; white $1.40@1.60, Corn active — yellow 59@61 Coffee firm at 12 ½@13 Whiskey lower, and quoted at 18 ½c. New York, March 8.--Cotton quiet. Flour heavy. Wheat steady. Corn quiet — mixed 58@67 ½c.; Southern white 70@75 Pork heavy — mess $17.06@17.12. Lard firm at 9 ½@10 ¾c. Whiskey 17 ½@17 ½ c. Sugar heavy — Muscovado 4½@6 ¾0@1.60, Corn active — yellow 59@61 Coffee firm at 12 ½@13 Whiskey lower, and quoted at 18 ½c. New York, March 8.--Cotton quiet. Flour heavy. Wheat steady. Corn quiet — mixed 58@67 ½c.; Southern white 70@75 Pork heavy — mess $17.06@17.12. Lard firm at 9 ½@10 ¾c. Whiskey 17 ½@17 ½ c. Sugar heavy — Muscovado 4½@6 ¾c. Coffee steady — sales of 3,000 bags of Rio, on private terms, at 12@12 ½c. Naval stores unchanged.--Stocks active and better-- N. Y.
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