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March 26th (search for this): article 2
Extra session U. S. Senate. Washington, March 26. --Mr. Breckinridge made a speech in response to Mr. Douglas, denying that there were indications that the Republicans had abandoned their aggressive policy towards the South. He asked the Republicans if they had abandoned any of their principles. Mr. Collamer said they had not. Mr. Breckinridge urged that unless some energetic and manly effort was made, the Union would be irreparably crushed. Mr. Douglas responded, insisting that the prospects of the South, relative to the Territories, were better than ever. On motion of Mr. Grimes, the Douglas resolutions were tabled — ayes 23, nays 11. Mr. Breckinridge offered a resolution that the Senate recommend and advise the removal of the Federal troops from the limits of the Confederate States. Mr. Clingman offered a similar resolution, adding that the President shall abstain from an attempt to collect revenue in the seceding States. Both resolutions w
March 26th (search for this): article 3
From Washington. Washington, March 26. --The heads of the several departments of the military bureaus, including Gen. Scott, have protested against the removal of the civil officers in the same departments. The Senate confirmed to-day the nomination of Saunders, of Iowa, as Governor of Nebraska, and many other appointments. Mr. Wigfall went to Charleston to-day. For several weeks rumors have prevailed among many Unionists that some of the seceded States intended to apply to Lincoln for judicial appointments therein. These rumors have been confirmed in part by the nomination of Geo. W. Lane as Judge of the Northern and Southern Districts of Alabama.
March 26th (search for this): article 4
South Carolina State Convention. Charleston, March 26. --The State Convention of South Carolina met to-day. Mr. Shingler offered a resolution that all supplies of provisions and mail facilities now allowed Major Anderson and garrison Sumter should be immediately cut off. Ordered for consideration to-morrow. There will be some discussion on the Constitution of the Confederate States, but it will be ratified by a large majority. It is the general impression that Mr. Shingler's resolution will be voted down.
March 26th (search for this): article 5
Affairs in New York. New York, March 26. --Arrangements have been made under which Bienville was released. A schooner from Florida, without papers, paid a fine of $100 to-day. The Western Hotel, on Courtland street, was partially burned this morning.
March 26th (search for this): article 6
Night session House of Delegates --Wednesday, March 26th.--The House was called to order at 7 ½ o'clock, by the Speaker. House bill constituting the Ohio river a lawful fence, was taken up on motion of Hanly, and being explained, was passed. House bill amending the 14th section of an act providing additional protection for the slave property of the citizens of this Commonwealth, was taken up on motion of Mr.Jones, of Gloucester, and passed. Bill to incorporate the Home Savings Bank of the city of Richmond, was, on motion of Mr. Robertson, taken up, and being explained, was passed. Mr. Christian called up engrossed bill incorporating the Staunton Savings Bank, which was passed.--The engrossed bill for the relief of John Robinson, a free negro of Rockingham county, was, on motion of Mr. Woolfolk, indefinitely postponed. Senate bill incorporating the American Agency, with its amendments, was called up on motion of Mr. Segar, and being put on its passage, was carried — ayes 57,
March 26th (search for this): article 6
Fatal Accident. Portsmouth, Va., March 26. --C. Y. Diggs, a hardware merchant, of this city, was killed this morning by falling through the hatchway of his store.
March 26th (search for this): article 8
The Markets. New York, March 26. --Cotton steady. Flour higher — Southern $5@5.75. Wheat 1 cent higher. Corn has an advancing tendency — Mixed 65@69; new Yellow 65@70. Pork firm — Mess $16.62@16.75; Prime $12.50@12.75. Whiskey 17 ¼@17 ½. Sugar steady — Muscovado 4@6 ½. Molasses dull — New Orleans 33 @34. Spirits Turpentine dull at 35 ½.--Rosin steady at $1.25. Stocks firm — New York Centrals 79; Virginia 6's 79 ½; Missouri 6's 66 ½. Baltimore, March 26.--Flour dull — Howard and Ohio $5.12, City Mills $5--no sales. Wheat active and firm — Red $1.27@$1.30, White $1.40@$1.45.--Corn steady — Mixed 53 @55. Pork dull — Mess $17, Prime $14 Coffee firm at 12 ¼@13 ¼. Whiskey dull at 17 Norfolk. March 26. --Cotton — Sales at 11 ½@12 ½c.;strictly prime brings ½c. more; receipts light.--Corn — Sales of 20,000 bushels to-day at 61 @63 cts. yellow 63 Naval stores dull. Tar $1 50@1.60. Staves firm — W. hhd 66; heading 65@80; red 37. Shin
It is said that the present Council will not hold another meeting prior to the election, which takes place early in April. We understand that several of the most valuable working members from Jefferson and other Wards will not consent to serve again, in which case it would be well for the people to be looking around for suitable persons to supply their places.
racy and established an independent Government, which ought to be recognized by the United States, and must be by the Governments of the world. With all these facts before us, and with a view to ascertain that judgment, and to give effect to the popular will, does hereby Resolve, That it shall be the duty of the Commissioners and officers who shall be appointed according to law to superintend and conduct elections for members of the General Assembly, at the next election in the month of May, to open a separate poll to take the sense of the qualified voters upon the question of remaining in the Union with the Northern States, or of uniting Virginia with the Southern Confederacy. In order to ascertain the sense of said voters thereupon, the said officers shall cause to be kept a separate poll, with two columns, the one to be headed "For the Northern Union," and the other "For the Southern Union;" and the names of those who vote for the former shall be written under the former hea
t resolution, the first of which declares that the General Assembly has heretofore in vain exerted its influence in endeavoring to preserve the Union, and to avert the calamity of civil war between the States; the second declares, that with a view of ascertaining the judgment of the people of Virginia on the present condition of things, and to give effect to the popular will, it shall be the duty of the Commissioners and officers appointed to superintend the election of members of the General Assembly in May, "to open a separate poll to take the sense of the qualified voters upon the question of remaining in the Union with the Northern States, or of uniting Virginia with the Southern Confederacy," for which purpose separate lists shall be kept, headed respectively, "for the Northern Union," and for the "Southern Union"--the voters to be listed as they shall elect. On his motion the preamble and resolution was laid on the table, notice being given that it would be called up to-day.
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