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Austria (Austria) 18 0 Browse Search
Mexico (Mexico, Mexico) 16 0 Browse Search
Poland (Poland) 14 0 Browse Search
Wetzel 12 0 Browse Search
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C. G. Memminger (search for this): article 5
Collection of Customs in the Confederated States. --C. G. Memminger, Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederated States, has issued circular instructions in relation to the collection of Customs. Revenue stations on the railroad lines entering the new Confederacy, where all goods are to be subject to examination, and the trunks and personal baggage of passengers will be subject to the following supervision: Passenger baggage. The baggage of all passengers passing over the railroad routes before named, on arrival at the aforesaid revenue station or depots, shall be subject to the inspection and examination of either the revenue guard at such stations, or revenue officer at such revenue depots, and any baggage that may be intended to be landed at places between the revenue stations and first revenue depots, may be examined by the revenue guard, and if containing no articles subject to duty, shall be landed at the intermediate place named, by having the following permit,