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on. To the East of Fort Moultrie, on the same island, the entrance to Maffit's channel has been defended by a battery of one 8-inch howitzer, two 32pounders and two 24-pounders. Between that battery and Fort Moultrie, there is a mixed battery of three 10-inch mortars and two 32pounders. West of Fort Moultrie, at about two hundred yards distance from the fort, a battery of two 10-inch mortars has been erected; and an enfilade battery of two 32 and 24pounders has been erected at a point of Sullivan's Island nearest to Fort Sumter. Besides these on Sullivan's Island, there are two12-pounder guns and a full field-battery of artillery at Breach Inlet, at the extreme Eastern point of the Island. On Morris' Island, at Cummings' Point, a battery of four mortars has been erected.-- Near this, a battery of three 8-inch columbiads, covered with heavy timbers and railroad iron. At the termination of the parallel, a covered way, there is a mortar battery of two mortars. These all bear on
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