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Spotswood (search for this): article 2
ospital; and en passant, it might be necessary to state, that immediately after the war-vessels passed the High street wharf of Portsmouth, Col. Hodges, with a detachment of his Regiment, in double quick time, repaired to the yard, and having battered down the gates, took possession. The Colonel, immediately on entering, sent to his private residence for a flag of Virginia, (his own property,) and ordered Capt. James C. Choate of the Rangers, to hoist it, but upon looking around he saw Lieut. Spotswood, a gallant officer of the late U. S. N., who had resigned his commission the day previously, and remarked to Capt. Choate that, he consenting, he would give the Lieutenant the honor of hoisting the first Sic Semper Tyrannis flag over the property of the late United States. The Hospital was taken possession of by Lieut. Col. Godwin, with one company of the Regiment, accompanied by Adjutant Wrena. Dr. Barrington was in charge at the time, who surrendered on demand on Sunday morning a
April 26th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 2
From Portsmouth.[special correspondence of the Dispatch.] Portsmouth, April 26, 1861. Nothing new here. The battery at the Hospital is vigorously prosecuting. There are about 800 troops there, composed of our own volunteers and the four companies from Georgia. There is a parade every evening, at 6 o'clock, when the grounds are thronged with ladies, cheering by their presence and smiles the men who are to defend them. I heard a gentleman say he did not think the officers wh, we are yet not cast down, but resolved to resist to the death in defence of our homes, our firesides, and our liberties. Old Dominion. From the Camp.[special correspondence of the Dispatch.] Headquarters Third Reg't, Va. Vols., April 26, 1861. Having been comfortably quartered at the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth, which is now the headquarters of the Third Regiment, commanded by Col. James Gregory Hodges, Lieutenant Colonel D. J. Godwin, and Major Wm. C. Wingfield, I avail my
April 27th (search for this): article 2
guished himself on the lakes, and received from the old Commonwealth a sword in testimony of his services and bravery on that occasion. Though now an old man, he has all the fire of former days, and is ready to battle again in the service of his fellow-citizens and countrymen. His little boy, nine years old, was with his spade at the battery, as were many chaps of his age — the promising chips of our people, and to be the future gallant defenders of Virginia. H. W. Portsmouth, Va., April 27th. The Hospital grounds were crowded yesterday evening by citizens of the two cities and ladies, to witness the parade and the skirmish drill executed by the Columbus City Guard, commanded by Capt. Colquitt. The manŒuvres were prompt, and by their novelty here attracted the attention of the two thousand assembled to witness them. Two of the Georgia companies went over to Fort Norfolk from the Hospital, and companies went to Craney Island from Norfolk. The battery at the Hospital i
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