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August, 5 AD (search for this): article 1
From Washington. The Alexandria Gazette has the following by special express: Washington, May 8. --The continued stream of Northern troops that is pouring into the Federal Metropolis occasions no remark or surprise, though the citizens are evidently becoming tired of this thing. The soldiers now in the city are very numerous, and they are well armed; but a practical eye soon discovers among them various faults and some bad discipline. Although people are not now arrestede to the Constitution and laws. The officers of his staff have followed his example. The first occasion was when he entered the service, and the second when in command of Fort Moultrie, in the "Calhoun nullification" times. Washington, May 8. --Mr. Simonton, of the New York Times, was seriously but not dangerously wounded this afternoon. Just as he had passed a military outpost on the city suburbs, the captain levelled a gun down the road, which accidentally exploding, the ball
ern troops could pass through their State unmolested, Gen. Patterson will not move his corps d'armee in a body towards Washington, but in detachments of from two to three regiments. They will commence moving from York, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia, as soon as the repairs on the Northern Central and Philadelphia and Wilmington Railroad are completed, and march through Baltimore to test the temper of that city. Should the slightest attempt to repeat the murderous treachery of the 19th ult. be made, the guns of Fort McHenry will teach the bloody city a lesson that she will never forget. General Scott is anxious to see all the volunteers called here come fully armed and uniformed, and ready to enter upon camp life. The Capital is now secure, and men should no more be hurried hither half clothed, and without a knowledge even of the rudiments of drilling. The Commander- in-Chief, in response to the inquiries of several Northern Governors, has signified that no necessity e
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