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April 19th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 3
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.the true sentiment of Baltimore. Baltimore, May 17, 1861. Although hemmed in by the vandals of the North, our sympathy with the South, instead of diminishing, is steadily augmenting. The arrest of our worthy townsman, Ross Winans, Esq., which the Yankees had been spurred to do by the New York Tribune, has served to exasperate the people so greatly that, had he not been released yesterday, we would have had a more bloody day than the 19th of April, 1861. The so-called Union meeting, which no doubt the American represented as being most enthusiastic, was but an outburst of anger from the Yankee settlers of Maryland, who wish to place the sentiment of native Mary landers on the side of the North (Union). Yesterday evening the Michigan troops debarked from the depot at Bolton, part marching and part riding to the depot in freight cars. I noticed many of those marching arm in arm with great burly negroes. The old Maryland blood
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