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May 21st 14 14 Browse Search
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will be dealt with as a Traitor. Commenting upon this, the New York Day Book says: Now, we think it is about time that these scamps were brought to justice. The fair fame of New York city demands it. Men can take care of such fellows as these, but when they insult and annoy ladies, it is high time they were exposed. Who authorized this "New York Vigilance Association?" We ask the respectable gentlemen of the "Union Defence Committee," if they know anything of this matter? Will Gen. Dix please inform the public whether he countenances such an invasion of the rights of hospitality, and such an outrage upon respectable ladies who have committed no crime, broken no law, and who simply ask the poor privilege of being allowed to live undisturbed by insults and annoyed by threats? It is quite time that this secret cabal, who are sending threatening letters, were presented to the Recorder of the city for his consideration. We do not doubt that that officer will mete out to all