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B. Anderson 58 2 Browse Search
Fort Moultrie (South Carolina, United States) 48 0 Browse Search
South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 42 0 Browse Search
United States (United States) 36 0 Browse Search
Cook 18 0 Browse Search
1861 AD 17 17 Browse Search
John B. Floyd 13 1 Browse Search
King 12 0 Browse Search
Garibaldi 9 1 Browse Search
Christmas 8 0 Browse Search
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Francis Pennell (search for this): article 9
Suicide in Boston. --Francis Pennell, a printer, employed on the Railway Times, Boston, committed suicide on Monday, in a singular manner. He was observed to be ill in the morning, and a physician was sent for.--He conversed with the landlady and others in the afternoon, and at about three o'clock he was found in his room by the chambermaid, lying on his bed, a corpse. He had severed one of the veins of his throat with a pen-knife, and his hand was at his throat, clasping the knife, which was thrust into his neck. Both blades were open, but he had effected his purpose with the smaller one. On examination it was found that he had also stabbed himself five times in the region of the heart, with the blade from a sword-cane, and it now appears that he had also taken laudanum.