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Cook 20 0 Browse Search
Alexander Carlyle 18 0 Browse Search
March, 1 AD 16 16 Browse Search
Gardiner 15 1 Browse Search
Georgia (Georgia, United States) 14 0 Browse Search
1861 AD 12 12 Browse Search
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Calcutta (West Bengal, India) (search for this): article 4
Disbandment of an English Indian regiment. --The Calcutta papers say that the disbandment of the fifth Bengal European regiment was followed by the immediate military execution of a prisoner. He was marched around the square in the rear of his coffin, and shot dead at the first volley. He acknowledged the justice of his sentence, and met his death with manly resignation, Scarcely had this terrible scene been enacted when the 23d regiment of foot moved up in front of the Fifth European regiments. The artillery was loaded with grape on either flask. The fifth regiment was then commanded to order arms and then to pile their arms. They obeyed, and were at once marched some short distance clear of the piles. No sooner were they quite clear of the piles than two companies of the Seventh and Third regiments filing rapidly to the spot intervened between the Fifth regiment and their arms, so as to prevent the possibility of any rush to recover them. When this was accomplished, the