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China (China) 10 0 Browse Search
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Russia (Russia) (search for this): article 5
Monarchy for the South. --The Liverpool Post publishes a letter from a Scotch gentleman in Mobile. The following is an extract: "I hope Queen Victoria will lend us twenty or thirty of her men-of-war ships to assist our commerce. If she keeps good faith with us there is no telling what might happen. I would not be surprised to see a good, sound, constitutional monarchy here in three years. We are a republican aristocracy already, and sooner than allow the country to be destroyed by emancipation of the negro, we boldly look to a strong government, and who would suit so well as one of Queen Victoria's sons? You then would be our friends out and out. Our eight States are as large as all Europe, save Russia, and here is the foundation of a great people — negroes and all. We want foreign commerce, the establishment of the useful arts, and we want liberalism, the arts and sciences, and we have riches enough for all this."