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Private city Telegraphs. --A few days ago, a party of gentlemen were invited to Mr. Reuter's house, in London, to inspect a private telegraph, one of those which the Universal Private Telegraph Company propose to establish in offices in that city and elsewhere. For this purpose the company extend a rope, containing a great number of fine insulated wires, over the streets and houses, and any one of those wires may be rented. The wires are much thinner than bell-wires, and a rope, containing upwards of thirty of them, properly insulated, is barely half an inch in diameter. The rope is fixed on poles at the tops of houses, about 200 yards apart, and it is said that the company have experienced no difficulty in obtaining the consent of the occupiers to have the poles fixed on their dwellings. This arrangement is so economical that the company offer to let out each wire at the rent of £4 per mile per annum.