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United States (United States) (search for this): article 6
this moment. In the Virginia Female Institute at Staunton alone, several hundred have no doubt been issued. These medals are of no use to the possessors. They are not worn as jewelry, but kept simply as mementoes of school days and school distinctions. As such they are valuable, and should not be thrown away, or lightly esteemed. Now, I suggest that the ladies who are so zealous in this holy war of ours, and who are so ready with smiles, and hearts, and hands, to cheer and comfort the soldiers of the South, shall send in all these medals to the Secretary of the Treasury of the Confederate States, who shall acknowledge their receipt in each individual case, and this acknowledgment will not only take the place of the medal as an evidence of merit at school, but will be a memorial of that high and holy patriotism which burns in the hearts of Southern women, and will be handed down to future generations an one of the mementoes of the glorious struggle in which we are engaged. M.