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The Herald and Times. --These two New York journals are telling a great many truths of each other. The Herald publishes what it calls "an expose of the attempt of the little villain, by means of a secret circular, to reduce printers' wages and interfere with the rights of labor." The Times calls Bennett "a mean, dishonest, and unscrupulous sneak," "the be-whipped and be-kicked old vagabond," "purloin a private letter, " "lying and treachery," "resorts to stinkpots," "the miserable caitiff," "the pleasure of lying," "falsehood and defamation," "consistent in its wickedness," "venomous and malignant," "the mob coerced harlequin," "a mocking ghoul," "the dotard President," "the hoary traitor of the Herald," "to swallow the filthy vomit," "the predestined felon." If the press is an exponent of the virtue and refinement of a community, what must be the people represented by such organs as the Times and Herald?