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G. B. McClellan 87 1 Browse Search
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James Clancey 38 0 Browse Search
S. B. Buckner 31 3 Browse Search
J. E. B. Stuart 23 1 Browse Search
Henry Cronin 20 0 Browse Search
Michael Mitchell 18 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 16 0 Browse Search
Abraham Lincoln 15 1 Browse Search
Arkansas (Arkansas, United States) 14 0 Browse Search
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Isaac Mitchell (search for this): article 10
A cotton-seed Huller. --We went yesterday to the Muscogee Iron Works, to see the operations of a mill for hulling cotton seed, the invention of Mr. Isaac Mitchell, of this city. It was working very successfully, separating the kernel from the lint as completely as the gin separates the lint and seed. The machine is a very higher. The chief difficulty in the way of making oil from cotton seed is that of separating the kernel from the hull by a cheap process, and this, we think, Mr. Mitchell has accomplished. This is a subject of immense advantage to the South, as the success of this enterprise will add greatly to the value of the cotton crop,ll yield fully two gallons of oil. Cotton seed oil has for some time been manufactured in New Orleans, but we understand that the hulling is there done by machinery so expensive as to forbid its use on plantations. Mr. Mitchell's invention is cheap and simple. We learn that he has applied for a patent.--Columbus Enquirer.