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Calvin Sayre (search for this): article 8
et. On Thursday there were two large frigates and a sloop-of-war outside, one of them engaged most of the day in landing men. I notice but one there now. I am inclined to think that we will have some hot times shortly, or else we must undergo a great deal of humiliation and mortification. We had a magnificent party on Thursday night last, on the steamer Time, while lying at the wharf idle. There were two bands of music aboard; one was the brass band of the Seventh Alabama Regiment, stationed at the yard, and the other was composed of two violins, two guitars, and two flutes. It was a beautiful moonlight night, and everything went off handsomely, which will always be the case whenever the inimitable and clever Lieut. Calvin Sayre has anything to do with them. To-night, the Mobile Continentals and some of the Georgia regiment give a concert for the benefit of the Ladies' Military Aid Society. In town, to-day, there is much excitement, caused by the affair of last night.