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cursory examination on his part.--Again, on account of the heaping up of accounts against the Government in one form or another, time must be had for the proper adjustment in turn at the counting offices.--Government creditors who think, at this juncture, they can get their money in a moment, should keep the above points in mind. The doubts thrown out as to the verity of statements of the London Times, to the effect that our Government has given its consent to the object of the Anglo- French-Spanish expedition against Mexico, are well founded.--Both the Federal and the Confederate authorities must look with alarm to what will probably turn out to be a violation of the Monroe doctrine; and Mr. Lincoln's administration in particular cannot occupy the position attributed to it, if it be true that Mexico has authorized the passage of our troops over her territory for war purposes. A gentleman of this city, who has just returned from an extended visit in the heart of Continental
Peter L. Anderson (search for this): article 2
an Cossacks do for the Russian army. They are good horsemen, using the rifle going at full speed, and are also expert in throwing the lasso. The men are represented as wonderfully proficient. Their services have been tendered to the Government. The Synod of the Pacific representation of the Old School Presbyterian Church met at Napa on Tuesday. Resolutions were passed complimentary to the Rev. Dr. Scott, and lamenting the demonstrations of personal violence at San Francisco. The Rev. Dr. Anderson and one other member voted against the resolutions. Resolutions of loyalty to the Government were also adopted. Removal of the colored Population of the United States to Africa. The annual report of the Pennsylvania Colonization Society considers the practicability of the removal of the colored race from America to Africa. We make the following extract: The census of 1860 gives the number of free colored persons at 499,709, and slaves at 3,972,343, making a total of
Rankin. Toronto, C. W., Oct. 14. --In the case of Col. Rankin, arrested here some days ago for trying to enlist men for the Union army, the magistrates have decided to bind him over to take his trial. Arrest of Mrs. Jackson. Gen. McCall sent out a party Sunday morning, and arrested Mrs. Jackson, mother of Elisworth's murderer, and her half-brother, named Moore. Her house was situated within the rebel lines, and was used as a headquarters for their scouts. It is believed that much information has been furnished them from this source. She said there had been some thirty there, and she gave them a cup of tea. She or Moore would not give any satisfaction to the men sent by Gen. McCall, and were accordingly handed over to the provost guard here.--Wash. Cor. Phil. Inq. Affairs in New York. The following is a summary of news from New York up to the 4th inst: The amount of the taxable property of the State has just been determined by the board of equaliz
J. F. D. Lanier (search for this): article 2
delphia. Below will be found Philadelphia intelligence to the 14th October: The main connection of the Pennsylvania Central railroad, the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago line, 460 miles in length, from Pittsburg to Chicago, will be sold on the 24th of October. A special enactment was passed last winter by the Legislature of Pennsylvania authorizing the sale. This was also sanctioned by the various States through which the road passes, and J. Edgar Thomson, Samuel J. Tilden, J. F. D. Lanier, Samuel Hanna, and L. H. Meyers, of the Pennsylvania Central, will become the purchasers, the lowest price for which the property can be bought being $500,000. Professor Lowe is constructing in this city four new balloons for Government use. These new ones vary from thirty-one to thirty-five feet in diameter at the widest part, and, including the cords and basket, are about one hundred feet from top to bottom. Their material is of strong brown Pongee silk, doubled and varnished fo
J. C. Fremont (search for this): article 2
Officers Reinstated. Washington, Oct. 14. --The War Department has ordered Gen. Sherman, commanding the Department of the Cumberland, to reinstate all the officers of the 24th Illinois regiment, who were illegally discharged by Gen. Fremont, through the instrumentality of Col. Hecker. It is further directed that the charges which the directly interested parties may have to make — the one against the other — be submitted to General Sherman for such action as the general interestseat dissatisfaction among the rebels, many of whom would lay down their arms if they could be secured against punishment for acts committed against the Government. Gen. Price, on Wednesday, was at Johnstown, in Bates county, going South. Gen. Fremont's movements are hindered by a want of transportation facilities. A skirmish in Western Virginia. Cincinnati, Oct. 13. --Yesterday afternoon, at a point fourteen miles south of General Rosencrans's advance, and eight miles from t
McClellan (search for this): article 2
y's scattering pickets only being visible in the distance. Gen. McClellan returned yesterday afternoon from the other side of the river. the forenoon, as caused dispatches to be sent here that induced Gen. McClellan to hasten over there some what earlier in the day than usual. bye, remained Saturday night over the river with the staff of General McClellan, at Smoot's house, a point between Lewinsville and Prospect hill. We hear that General McClellan, at 2 A. M. yesterday morning, telegraphed to the President that B. seemed disposed to open the balle of the enemy's scouts will venture upon it. Its occupation by Gen. McClellan, as explained above, is equivalent to a forward movement of his advance of perhaps two miles. At one time yesterday forenoon Gens. McClellan, Barry, Stoneman, Fitz. John Porter, Butterfield, and Morell--sUmpqua, and Scranton. Capt. McMahon, recently appointed on Gen. McClellan's staff, started for Washington, overland, on the 6th inst.
d crew consequently escaped. The spot where this occurred is near the farm of a man named Cross, and the men in the boat were probably his friends coming to communicate with him, or ascertain his fate, as well as to get inside our encampments and report their condition, positions, and movements to the rebel leaders. It is stated that Cross himself spent several days visiting our camps — disguised as a teamster and riding a muts — before being arrested. It is currently reported that Col. Chantry of the Thirtieth Pennsylvania, has been removed from his command and that the regiment is in an inefficient shape. Voting took place last Tuesday in the Pennsylvania regiments belonging to this division. In the Thirtieth and Forty-sixth there was but little interest taken in the matter, but in the Twenty- ninth the "boys" went into it with a will. There the election was conducted according to Philadelphia usages. Polis were opened in the several company streets, challengers appoin
Richard A. Lucas (search for this): article 2
. The committee of aggrieved officers will leave Washington to-morrow to report themselves for duty. Washington items — all quiet on the Potomac. Washington, Oct. 14. --There is nothing new from the lower Potomac to-day. Richard A. Lucas, belonging to this city, a minor, was brought before Judge Merrick to-day, on an application to be discharged from Col. Tait's First District regiment. The decision of the Court was that there was strong circumstantial evidence that theane, there, is taking on heavier armament of 32-pounders, and the Pawnee, Pocahontas, Seminole, and Anacostia are undergoing repairs, changing armament, &c., &c. Another case of habeas corpus, with the view of procuring the discharge of Richard A. Lucas, a minor, from the 1st District Regiment Volunteers, was before Judge Merrick this morning; but as there were indications that the boy enlisted with the consent of his parents, he was remanded back to his company. I saw President Lincol
re, with an unwieldy gratitude for which we were entirely unprepared. The Clark was struck once or twice, I believe, by fragments of shells, but sustained no material damage, and this morning in charge of a pilot, stood on up the bay towards Baltimore. From Gen. Banks's division. Darnestown, Oct. 12. --A general court-martial for this division has just been instituted. It is composed as follows: Major Atterbury, of the 9th New York, President; Lt Van Beren. New York 9th; Capt. Kinsler, Pennsylvania 24th; Lieut. Magnigan, do.; Captain Savage, Massachusetts 2d; Lieut. Blown, do.; Captain Gould, New York 28th; Captain Prescott, New York 9th. Captain Charles H. T. Collies, Judge Advocate. On the evening of the 9th one of the sentinels of the New York Thirty-fourth discovered a boat containing six men coming into the mouth of the Seneca river. Concealing himself, he allowed the boat to reach the canal aqueduct, when he challenged them. Instead of answering the chall
hen and is loaded chiefly with salt. She was from one of the West India Islands, and was bound to Elizabeth, N. C. Her owner is of that State. Additional from California. Pacific Springs, Oct. 12. --The pony express, going east, passed here this morning. Gen. Sumner has issued his proclamation, ordering the manning of the forts in the department of California, by volunteers, and concentrating the regulars at convenient points for their embarkation for Panama.--Lieutenant Colonel Merchant will detail four companies, of twenty men each, from his regiment, to garrison Forts Churchill, Humboldt, Bragg, Crook, Gaston, Umpqua, and Scranton. Capt. McMahon, recently appointed on Gen. McClellan's staff, started for Washington, overland, on the 6th inst. The firm of Burton & McCarty, liquor and provision dealers at Sacramento, was closed by attachment on Thursday. Their liabilities are said to be between $70,000 and $80,000. John C. Falls & Co., of Marysvill
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