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Jeremiah M. Smith 12 0 Browse Search
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The ladies' horse. --Col. Harris, of the Ohio Field Notes, an acknowledged authority on the subject, writes as follows in regard to the best kind of a horse for a lady, his management. etc.: The bridle of a lady's horse should be a single rein curb — never a snaffle to be pulled upon — requiring the strength of a thread only to guide and direct the animal, and drawn only when the horse is required to be stopped; at all times to be kept slightly in hand, or be permitted to lie gently on the arched neck of the beautiful creature, permitting him to look abroad upon things, and see the road he is traveling; starting with a bound into a graceful canter at the leaning forward of the rider without the use of the whip or other incentive. We had supposed a double bridle was preferable — that is, a curb and snaffle, either of which could be used as occasion required.--The majority of English ladies use such a bridle. The paces of a lady's horse should be long rather than s<